Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kindle Cover

My daughter Jennifer gave me a Kindle for Christmas and of course it needs a cover. So I did some looking around the internet for a pattern and was able to find one that I could tweak a little and make it mine.  Here is the Kindle sleeve pattern I used to make mine.  It came from Elizabeth's Whimsie's.  A site I hadn't visited before so I'll have to go back and take a look when I have more time.  It was a fairly simple pattern to follow.

Here are a few pictures of mine in progress.
Since I already have all of these yellow and orange strips cut for my Orca Bay project I decided to use them for a back.

I don't sew each of my strips to the backing paper.  Just on the first two strips.  The rest of them I leave loose. That way I only have one row of stitching to pull the paper off of. 

This Friendship Star finished at 3". Can you see the bee that I fussy cut for the center?  I found the pattern for the star here at The World Wide Quilting Page .  There were several blocks that gave different size options in their directions. That background fabric is actually brown. Even though it looks somewhat red in this picture.
Here are the front and back before quilting. The fabrics on the left were given to me by daughter Jennifer last year for Christmas. I have been looking for a way to use them.  So this couldn't have been a better solution.  And there is still a lot of fabric to use for something else.

Ta Da.  Here it is.  A Kindle and cover.  Now I'm ready to take it anywhere.

Happy reading.


Monday, December 26, 2011

On The Wall Today

   Since this post is for design wall Monday I'll start it with my current project.  Which as can be seen by the blocks in the picture above is Orca Bay.  When Bonnie first posted this step I was so disappointed that I did not go with her choice of red.  The blocks with the red center are just amazing.  What I was thrilled to discover though, is that the blocks made with the sunny yellow and orange make me smile just as much.  I still have 9 more of the dark blocks to do and then can get started on the light blocks.  Shouldn't be a problem as I have some extra time off this week.

  I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  I sure did. There was a lot of time spent with family. Which around here usually ends up with a good card game. And we certainly worked a few of those in.
  I'll end this post with some of my favorite gifts. The homemade kind. Be sure to click on the pictures so you can see a larger view.
This is a quilt my mother made for me. I have been eyeing this top for years and I am just thrilled that she quilted it.  And better yet - gave it to me.  Thank you Mom it's great.
Here is a vase that my daughter Jennifer made. Isn't it stunning. Every view of it is a little different with the swirls of color streaking through it. She is lucky to have found a place that she can continue to blow glass and make such beautiful pieces.

And these are some of the ornaments that my 3 year old granddaughter Grace made.  She had a little help from her mom making them but I believe those paint jobs to be all her own. I'm a little concerned over that Jayhawk painted gingerbread man.  So we will have to get her to watch more Kansas Wildcat games. These, of course, will be yearly additions to my Christmas tree. I am already looking forward to "finding" them in one of the boxes next year. Do you forget some of the decorations, only to find them the next year and it's just like getting them all over again.

Be sure to check out all of the great posts at Patchwork Times and Quiltville's Quips & Snips.

Have a happy and safe week to come.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Orca Bay Progress

This weekend I spent more time getting ready for Christmas then I did at my sewing machine.  Priorities.  There are 80 blocks done for Orca Bay and 60 to be pressed then they can be added to the done pile. That leaves  a whole lot more to be made.  I can see from my picture that the stacks still in the plastic bag exceed the stacks of cut corners.  Guess that means I'll spend a little more time at the cutting mat before these are finished.
It is raining like crazy right now. And the weather men have promised that the rain will turn into snow before morning.  I just hope they are wrong about the sleet and possible freezing rain.  I'd rather have a foot of snow then a skiff of freezing rain.

                               Click on the picture to make it bigger.

I'm sure I will be the only one who can tell from this picture, but that is my 3 year old granddaughter kneeling on the right behind baby Jesus.  She was Mary in the church Christmas skit. She did not have a speaking part but when it came time to sing she knew the words and sang along with the older kids.

I found out later that her mom told her to sit very still. She had been asked to wear her boots and she told her mom that Mary didn't wear boots.  Grace thought Mary would have worn white tennis shoes that flash if you tap your foot.  I never saw a flash coming from under the manger so she never moved her feet. That child is such a good kid.

Have a wonderful week.  Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Having Fun

Last night I finished up the 128 triangle string blocks I needed for the Orca Bay mystery quilt.  These were a lot of fun to make. I enjoyed working with the yellows and oranges.  And they were just the right size.  Not as large as the string blocks we made last year for Roll Roll Cotton Boll and 2" larger than the itty bitty 3 /12" string blocks needed for Part 2 of Orca Bay.  Now I'm ready for Part 5.  Bring on Friday.

Since part 4 is ready to go that left me to work on another project. So when I got home from work today I made three more of these blocks that will finish at 5".  These three give me a total of 15 blocks.

The top of the blanket chest that these are being made for measures
25" x 37". So as of right now I am figuring to set these in a three by five setting with something for sashing and a narrow scrappy border.  Tomorrow I'll start messing with some scraps to figure out the sashing.  Right now I'm thinking a four patch where the sashings meet.  Be sure to click on the picture so you can get a larger view of the blocks.  I'm not sure how that black one is going to fit in with all the rest.  But since the whole thing is scrappy it will probably just blend in.  I used the brown with it to tone down that deep purple and the black.  I'm not really sure that helped.

Have fun sewing,


Monday, December 12, 2011

On The Wall Today

What a great weekend.  Most of it was spent at my sewing machine.  And when not in the sewing room, I was with family.  It just couldn't have been better.

I was able to finish my cardinal runner/hanging in time to take it to Quilting on the Square in Holton for show and tell. 
The finished size is 38" x 18 1/2". I put a hanging sleeve on the back so it can go on the wall or table top.

Here are a couple of close up pictures.  Which may not be such a good idea.  But here they are anyway.

I was also able to almost finish part 4 of Orca Bay .  I had a lot of fun with this part.  I pulled out most of my yellows and oranges.  There were only a few that just were not going to work for these blocks.  And the next time I need strings of this color there will already be some cut.  Unlike this time when there were almost none pre-cut.

There are just eight blocks left to finish.  So that will be done in no time. Then I will be able to move on to something else until the next part comes out this Friday.

Well since it is Monday it's off to work I go.  Have a great day and a wonderful week.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Good Morning !!!

It's Friday and I am home and soon to be at my sewing machine.  I realized it's the middle of December and I still have a few vacation days left.  So I decided to treat myself with a "me" day.  And there is no where I would rather be than right here in my sewing room.  And of course I had to take a Friday off instead of let's say a Monday because the next Orca Bay part came out today.  So on to part 4 of Orca Bay.

The boxes are what I have pre-cut and ready for the latest string blocks we are doing. From left to right misc., 1 1/2" and 2".  Yes, nothing is cut.  And with that said...I am off of here and can be found with a rotary cutter in my hand for the next several hours.  Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No work today.

Have a great day. 


Monday, December 5, 2011

On The Wall

Here is part three of my Bonnie Hunter Orca Bay mystery quilt.  This is 350 half square blocks that will finish at 1 1/2".  This part was a breeze.  I can't wait for Friday! 

This is my cardinal quilt pinned and ready for its quilting.  I am looking forward to seeing this one done.  I love the way the border turned out. Those flying geese finished at 1" x 2".  They are bonus triangles from my Christmas Tree Quilt that I made last year.  The Tree quilt is a Judy Laquidara pattern.  The cardinal quilt is a couple of Thimbleberry blocks I combined with my flying geese to end up with this.

Have a great Monday and week to come.


Monday, November 28, 2011

On The Wall Today

Well, I have been able to make progress on Orca Bay.  I have all of the hour glass blocks made.  These are the units needed.  Plus a few others.
They turned out better than expected. I usually have trouble with this pattern.  Only two went in the trash. The rest will work just fine.

Here are 50 of the 72 string blocks needed.  The hardest part of this step was committing to a color.  I know my primary color is going to be yellows/oranges and I had thought I would use greens with that.  But my daughter and mother both said they liked blue.  So blue it is.  Not to lead either of them to believe this might end up on their bed.  Deciding that might end up being the hardest part.

Be sure to visit Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times to see all of the great projects there today.

And for directions to Orca Bay visit Bonnie Hunter here.

Have a great day.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Scrappy Mess

String blocks in progress.  See there on the left - two are done!  That leaves just 70 more to be made.  Yesterday was spent cutting strips.  The box on the left is full of actual scrap strips but that wasn't going to be enough variety.  Which led to the two boxes on the right.  They are 1 1/2" and 2" strips. Most of the 2" strips won't be used except for the corners. I'm finding that 2" may be just a little too wide to fit a minimum of 5 strips per 3 1/5" paper piece.  I actually read the directions more than one time to convince myself that they were really supposed to be only 3 1/5".  They are. 

Here are my 1/4 square triangle blocks.  We need 224 but I'm sure there are a few extra here.  At last count 235.  It is always nice to have a few extra available. That way when you get to the end of where they are being used there is still a variety to choose from  But what does one do with the left overs. I'm still trying to figure that out from the border pieces of my Roll, Roll, Cotton Bole quilt.  I have quite a few of these Here purple and green sections left over.  They are too nice to be thrown away and too few to make anything.  So into the scrap, not really a block, storage tote.  Guess the left overs from these triangle blocks will join them.  Maybe Bonnie Hunter will come up with a design to use the leftover almost block pieces:)

And that is my progress to this time on my Bonnie Hunter Orca Bay quilt. You can find the directions for it here.

Well, enough messing around it is back to the sewing machine for me.

Have a great day.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Orca Bay Week One

Bonnie is doing a link up of our Orca Bay progress.  So I am doing a second post this morning specifically for posting my progress. 
Here are my 1/4 square triangles all ready to be pressed open.  This was this morning (way to early). And if blogger wasn't giving me fits I would show you the picture from two hours later with all but 60 of these pressed and ready to be paired up.  Oh, well blogger wins.  No second picture.

Making Progress

Here are the 5" blocks that I made this last week. I haven't decided what else I am going to do to them. I am sure there will be some sashing and maybe another small block to border them.  They are for a table topper for a blanket chest my son made when he was in high school. 

Here are the 1/4 square triangles that are for Orca Bay  (see it here). This is Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery quilt.  This picture was at 5:00 this morning.  Right now there are only three more stacks of 20 to be pressed open. So I am hoping to get these sewn together in the next day or two.

Don't forget to visit Judy L's Design Wall Monday here

Have a great day!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Orca Bay Is Here


Yes, right here in Kansas. Or where ever you might be.  Just go Here to find Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery quilt. 

I can't wait to get started. But I suppose I should go to work first. They might not understand another day off for quilting.  Hmmm, wonder what we will be doing with 448 quarter square triangles.  Something good, I suppose. 

Of course there is still one little problem for me.  I can't decide for sure what colors I want to use.  I keep pulling colors and laying them next to each other then putting them back.  MY SEWING ROOM IS A DISASTER.  I was hoping that the first clue was going to make me decide.  Nope, not going to happen.  The first clue uses the neutrals and the blacks and I already know what they look like.  So I guess there is yet another week of indecision.  One thing for sure - my quilt won't be red, blue and black.  Mainly, because I have just about exhausted my supply of red.

So off to work for a day of hurry up and wait. Then home to sew, sew, sew.

Have a great day.


Monday, November 14, 2011

On The Wall Today

Yes, this really is still what I'm working on. And as of this week it has leaves on either side.  They are sewn on so they are probably staying.  I have an enormous amount of bonus half square triangles left over from my Christmas tree quilt.  You can see it here http://juliekayequilts.blogspot.com/2010/12/christmas-presents.html  I don't have time this morning to figure out the link thing right now.
Anyway, I think those bonus triangles are going on as a border to the cardinals.  We'll see.

I am also working on this block.  It looks pretty large in that picture.  But it will finish at 5".  I don't have figured out yet how I'm going to use these. But I am ready to get at making more.  I started with some 1 1/2" scraps and started making 1/2 sq triangles.  Then figured out the rest as I went along.  I tried using EQ7 but I just couldn't make the measurements work for me. I wanted to work with strips and squares I already have cut and EQ wasn't doing that.  So it all worked out in the end.  But even though I wanted EQ so much that I finally bought it.  It has still not helped me at all.  Someday I will stay away from the sewing machine long enough to figure out how EQ works.  Maybe.

Have a good day and a great week.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Nothing Much Done

I just have not done much in the way of sewing for the last two weeks.  I started on the cardinal runner at least two weeks ago.  And this is all the farther it is.
I made three other blocks trying to get something to go on either side of the cardinals. None of them worked for me though. I think the tree will work but still need something else for the other side.

And as can be seen, I did get my b.o.m. done for Holton. And I don't even need it for another week or two. I am usually working on blocks the night before or even the morning of needing them. So I have accomplished something.

This is where I was trying to stretch my red and green fabrics to make a back for my Smith Mountain Morning.  That did not work.  I was trying to use the blocks that were made for the cardinal runner. (Those three blocks can be seen blending in with the SMM top.)  I just could not get that piece of green to be large enough. So that is now all folded up and put away. And no I still don't like those blocks for the cardinal runner. They don't have enough color and it just makes it too long.  I do have another piece of material (11 yards) that will obviously be large enough to cover the back. It was just something that I did not want to use.
If I sound whiny, I am. After all, it is Monday.


Monday, October 24, 2011

In Progress

My Smith Mountain Morning quilt top is finally done.  My motivation got lost somewhere in the middle of all those border pieces. Actually I think it was the strip that fits between the top and the border. After sewing on the 2" inner border that was called for I just could not get my pieced sections to fit. So after cutting off 1/2" all the way around it finally worked out. Borders are not really my thing. So after a week or so of putting it off I finally put it (border) on. Now on to the quilting.

This is what I started on this morning.  Guess I just can't get enough of Christmas.  So I've started this project which in my mind is just a table runner but in the book it's a quilt so it is yet to be seen what size the actual project will be.  These cardinals are from a pattern in the Thimbleberries book Block by Block to Beautiful Quilts.

Five minutes til it's time to leave for work. So on to Monday and the beginning of a great week.


Saturday, October 15, 2011


Here are some pretty table runners that I found at a yard sale on Friday. I just could not pass up the one with sunflowers. I have just the place for it.  It was risky but they were run through the washer on the hand wash cycle and for the most part they did just fine. The dishtowel with veggies on it ended up with a few small holes in it but it will still look nice folded up.  They were a steal just $2.75 for all of them.  It still leaves me a little sad that someone put so much work into such pretty things and they end up in a yard sale for a few dollars. However, they are now out of a box and will be enjoyed once again.

And this great piece of material is over six yards and only cost $1.00.  Be sure to click on the picture to super size it. This small picture distorts the view.  There is no selvage information on the fabric and it doesn't feel like new material it just feels quite old so I'm sure it will end up the back of something simple.  It would be great for the back of a tree skirt or table runner.  With as much as there is it can go on the back of both.  I ran it through the washer on hot and it did just fine.  As great as it is it just doesn't have the feel of something I would want to back a big quilt I put dozens of hours into.

Just wanted to share my pretty things.  Now I'm off to work on the last few blocks of my  Smith Mountain Morning.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Design Wall Monday

My version of Bonnie Hunter's Smith Mountain Morning has made it from the wall to the bed. However, what can't be seen from this picture is that it barely reaches the edges of the bed.  That didn't come as a surprise.  I knew that was going to be the case when I saw the finished quilt size given in the pattern book.  I just needed to decide if it was going to be a bed quilt or one to be hung from the wall.  And the bed wins.  So now it's back to cutting and piecing more blocks. Which is really what I like to do anyway.  Maybe that is why it's so hard for me to do a lap quilt. I'd rather be piecing.

Check out all of the great design walls at
I have to figure out how you all do that link thing.

Have a great day.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Block Design?

I chastise myself on a regular basis for not reading directions.  It happens more and more all the time.
These are the two blocks for the Overbrook and Baldwin City block of the month.  I've never been one to sit down and do these right when I bring them home.  That said, this morning when I was making the block on the left I erred.  Yep, it is very noticeable in the picture that something is just not right.  Those corner four patches should all be facing the corners. And the flying geese should all be flying the same direction.  Personally, I am just going to consider it a new block design. I've never liked having my blocks look like all the others. And in this case it is probably safe to say this block does not.   Someone familiar with the actual block design might also notice that the center is not as it should be.  In my defense the LQS did not give me the light piece of material so I had to substitute my own.  But the nice hour glass design, that is NOT there, well that would be my fault for not reading the directions before cutting.  I'm pretty certain that if I scrunch the block up enough that they won't notice all of the errors changes and Overbrook QS will hand me my next block.  Which I will probably not make until the first Saturday of next month.

In my defense the block on the right for Baldwin City is just lovely.

Now on to prettier things.  This is the way my Smith Mountain Morning looked on Tuesday.
I have since finished the other four blocks and am starting to get them sewed into rows.  This quilt is going to be one of my favorites.

Have a great Saturday.  I get the pleasure of spending the morning with Mom going to our two block of the month shops.  And this afternoon Grace and I get to play the afternoon away.  If anyone wants to join us at the Auburn parade we'll be there by two.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I absolutely cannot get my Followers tab to work.  One time it is there and the next time it's not. It is so frustrating. I have asked google for help. A lot of help that was.  NONE ! I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that did not help.  So I am truly sorry that if you should want to follow my blog the only way to do it is from the tab at the very top of the page. It means that your profile picture won't be seen on my page at this time. I'm just sure that at some time blogger will get this glitch worked out.

If you have been experiencing the same problem and have figured it out, please let me know.  I would love to get it taken care of.


Days later same problem. BUT. But I did figure out that when I log in through Explorer the followers are there. It is when I use Firefox that they are missing.  I really dislike Firefox but have to use it on one of my other computers in order to print.  Nope, don't ask me that is. I don't know why.

Monday, September 26, 2011

On the Wall Today

This week I am still working on my Smith Mountain Morning quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter.  The wall doesn't look much different. But I am actually about done with all of the blocks.  There are still six green stars to be made and I need to finish up the border units. I've moved on to using the border pieces as my leader/enders while making the green star blocks. Pretty soon I will need to pull back out my bonus triangles from other projects to use as leader/enders as I can see that this top is about together.

Visit Judy Laquidara and all of the great design walls at 


Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Good Day

Today I feel so blessed. Tired but blessed.  This morning I was at granddaughter Grace's soccer game in Topeka by 8:15. At three she is still unsure of what soccer is let alone whether or not she really wants to chase that ball around or just play with her friend Lucy.  Either way, she is just adorable and a pleasure to be with.
After hitting the grocery store to stock up on everything. I took a much needed and deserved nap.  Followed by an afternoon of my favorite pastime, sewing. 
This is what I have up on the wall so far.  It is starting to coming together. I feel like I'm making a lot of progress on it. I have been trying to decide if I want it to be predominately red or green. And after looking at this picture I'm leaning toward red.  We'll see.

This evening mom and I headed to the lake to spend the evening with son Jesse, Victoria and Grace.  Sister Joyce and Bill were there to share in the fun too.  What a great time.  We roasted hot dogs followed by marshmallows.  We all ate way more than we needed too and just generally had a great time.
Victoria and Mom
Grace and I taking apart and blowing Cattail fluff.

Well, now the decision, what will end the day?  TV, Sewing, Bed?  I won't figure that out til I'm off of here. Night all.


Monday, September 19, 2011

On the Wall Today

I had the opportunity to take a class from Bonnie Hunter last week in Holton, Kansas.  She taught her techniques for her quilt Smith Mountain Morning.  It was a great class. Bonnie is a super person with high energy and lots of great ideas. 

So this week I am working on my version of Smith Mountain Morning.  I wanted to do mine as a Christmas quilt therefore all the greens and reds.  I already had a great selection left over from last year when I did Judy Laquidara's  Walk In The Forest quilt from her book Weekend Quilts. So I just added a few more greens and reds and this is how it is turning out.

These blocks are the three blocks that I got done in the class and we were busy the entire time.  It was a lot of instruction using the rulers Bonnie suggests you use to make the block easier in the long run.  She uses the Easy Angle, Tri Tool, Rec Tool and the Companion Angle rulers.  And they do work.  It is worth the effort to figure it out.

And these are the 30 blocks I have been working on since the class.  They just need red on the lower side and then a green on the other two sides.  The pattern does not call for this many Cornerstone blocks but I will be making my quilt larger so it will be big enough for my bed.  I have been using the pieces to make the stars center pinwheels as my leaders and enders. So I end up working on both the star and the cornerstone blocks at the same time.

After Bonnie's trunk show she asked if anyone had brought quilts made from her patterns and three of us had.  Here is Bonnie and I showing my Roll Roll Cotton Bowl.  It was so much fun to be a part of her trunk show.  I also showed my version of Bonnie's Blue Ridge Beauty.  You can see a picture of that on a previous post.
Be sure to check out all the design walls at http://www.patchworktimes.com/  Have a great week.


Friday, September 16, 2011

What a day !

Bonnie Hunter was in town.  Okay, she was in a town about an hour from Burlingame but close enough.  I sure wasn't going to miss this opportunity and I'm thrilled to say I didn't.
Bonnie showed some of her spectacular quilts.  Her blog and books do not do them justice. The colors are just amazing.  And all the small pieces will just knock your socks off.

What was especially fun for me was that she asked anyone who had brought quilts made from her patterns to show them too.  So here are Bonnie and I showing off my Roll Roll Cotton Bowl. I asked her to sign the label and of course she graciously did.

And then my version of Blue Ridge Beauty.  I ended up naming my version Berry Bliss.  It just didn't seem right to call it Blue.  Here she is pointing out the variety of pinks.
It was just terrific to see a sampling of her quilts in person.  She gave a great talk that encouraged creativity and self expression.  I have no doubt that if she ever gets this close again I will be in attendance.  And I'm sure there will be more quilts I've made of her patterns.

On day two of Bonnie's trip to Holton she gave a class for Smith Mountain Morning.  This was not a quilt I was particularly interested in but since we have been doing pointy stars for our block of the month at Holton's Quilting on the Square it was the one chosen.  Unless you see the quilt in person you don't know how vibrant brown and blue can be.

Here are Mom, Bonnie and I standing in front of her Smith Mountain Morning.

Our class was a lot of fun.  But that is not as Bonnie would say an easy peasy quilt to make.  Before I left home I was just sure I would have half of my blocks made and be ready to sew the top together in just a few days.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  I was lucky to get two of the star blocks made and one of the cornerstone blocks.

Here is a picture of my first star block.  I see now that it was taken before it was finished and no I did not take a picture of my own block after it was done.  Insert heel of hand to forehead here.

Here is a picture of Mom's.  Isn't that going to be great in red/white and blue.  My favorite quilt colors.  Hint, Hint.

It was a great workshop and I for one can't wait to finish my quilt. Especially since Bonnie used my pieces a couple of times for some demonstrations. (My stuff was just closest.)

Thank you Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame  http://quiltville.blogspot.com/ . And a big thank you to Mark and Connie of Quilting on the Square in Holton for hosting Bonnie.

I had a great time. And now I'm off to work on my quilt.