Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, October 28, 2013

Busy Weekend

I was able to get a little sewing done on Saturday morning.  But I actually did more unsewing and resewing then anything else.

One of the bad things about making string blocks is the waste.  And I do not like throwing away fabric. So I tend to try to use as little fabric as possible.  And that can lead to some not so great blocks.

Yes, it looks pretty good.  But lurking up there at the top are several areas that are not going to make it into the quilt.

How in the world did I ever let those short areas get by me the first time.  I have now ripped out and resewn several blocks that needed it.  So instead of making lots of progress I made up for my mistakes.

Done.  Now hopefully I've learned a lesson and will not be so skimpy with all of the rest.  And there are still plenty more to make.

After sewing in the morning came a trip to the pumpkin patch.  It was a beautiful afternoon to spend outside.  Those three kids had a great time and I'm pretty sure the three adults did too.  This one did.

About half of our time was spent wandering around in the 8 acre corn maze.  The first (easy) half we made it through without a problem.  The second half didn't have the same results.  We ended up being led out by a nice employee whose job it was to lead out the lost.  After an hour we figured we'd been lost long enough.  But I'd do it again.

This is not the best picture.  But it is the most accurate.  After a long afternoon playing they were all still ready to go and were having a hard time sitting still long enough for a picture.

Sunday was another busy day.  After I got off work we went to downtown Burlingame for the annual Trunk or Treat.  Grace is a good witch and little A is a monkey.  This was the only time we could get those two to sit in the wagon.  That was just too confining for them.  At least it worked for Allison.

And yes, today I am tired.

Happy Sewing,


Monday, October 21, 2013

Doll Quilt

Saturday I needed a gift for my great niece Laurel's first birthday.  So Friday when I got home I went right to my extra blocks to put together some left over bow ties.  But instead I found all of this extra pink from another quilt.

After pinning the first two sections I thought of my blog and that I never write anything on it.  And that is why the center section isn't laying flat.  It was is already pinned.

After getting those sections together I didn't think it was wide enough.  So I went to my 2" square tub and grabbed some pink and neutrals to make two more strips to add to the width.  That sentence makes it sound like the container is only 2".  It's not.  But it certainly isn't large enough to hold all my extra 2" squares.

And here it is pinned and all before Wheel of Fortune was over.  It's still a little wonky.  I like things to be symmetrical. I think that's the word.  And as can be seen it is not.  The pinwheel pattern in the middle is one section short.  But those dolls are never going to get that figured out for themselves.

I did get the quilting done Friday night but waited until Saturday morning to bind it.  I think it turned out just great.  Laurel and her dolls will get a lot of use out of this for the next few years.  And if not, her mom can use it as a Valentine table topper.

Happy sewing,


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I had a busy weekend. Too many things to do and of course like everyone else, not enough time to get it all done.

My Saturday started with the usual laundry.  In the midst of that I decided to wash some old gently used coats to be donated.  Mistake.

The coat looked like it was still in good condition but apparently the fabric was not.  The blue is a coating on the fabric that disintegrated in my machine.   I started wiping all of it out and then I had the bright idea to let it dry and vacuum it out.  Mistake.  After it dried some of it stuck and had to be scraped out.  And I'm just sure all of those little holes in the washer are still full of it.  Anyway, this resulted in me throwing away not one but two coats, two long sleeve shirts and a pair of gloves (that I was happy to find in the pocket of a coat).  There was no way I was going to run those back through my washer.  I'm still afraid that I'll be walking around with blue specks stuck to me.  Hope not!

My day eventually got better.

Jennifer had brought me her orange fabrics. So I did take the time to cut these into strips for my orange blocks.  But that was as far as I got.  Not a stitch was sewn.

Grace is second from right, in the blue shirt.

No sewing, because it was time to leave for the parade.  This was the first one that Grace was in.  The first of many I'm sure.  This was the church float for the Awana participants.

Victoria and little A at candy level

Aunt Jennifer and Allison
Allison loved the parade.  Lots and lots of people watching to be done.  She jumped out of her skin when the fire trucks were loud but she never acted like it bothered her much. 

After the parade Jennifer and I had some mother/daughter time, which I needed.  And then my day was done.

I sure hope this Saturday is not as full.  I'll be more careful how I start my day.  Maybe not do any laundry at all.  Ha.

Happy sewing,