Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Block Design?

I chastise myself on a regular basis for not reading directions.  It happens more and more all the time.
These are the two blocks for the Overbrook and Baldwin City block of the month.  I've never been one to sit down and do these right when I bring them home.  That said, this morning when I was making the block on the left I erred.  Yep, it is very noticeable in the picture that something is just not right.  Those corner four patches should all be facing the corners. And the flying geese should all be flying the same direction.  Personally, I am just going to consider it a new block design. I've never liked having my blocks look like all the others. And in this case it is probably safe to say this block does not.   Someone familiar with the actual block design might also notice that the center is not as it should be.  In my defense the LQS did not give me the light piece of material so I had to substitute my own.  But the nice hour glass design, that is NOT there, well that would be my fault for not reading the directions before cutting.  I'm pretty certain that if I scrunch the block up enough that they won't notice all of the errors changes and Overbrook QS will hand me my next block.  Which I will probably not make until the first Saturday of next month.

In my defense the block on the right for Baldwin City is just lovely.

Now on to prettier things.  This is the way my Smith Mountain Morning looked on Tuesday.
I have since finished the other four blocks and am starting to get them sewed into rows.  This quilt is going to be one of my favorites.

Have a great Saturday.  I get the pleasure of spending the morning with Mom going to our two block of the month shops.  And this afternoon Grace and I get to play the afternoon away.  If anyone wants to join us at the Auburn parade we'll be there by two.


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