Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kindle Cover

My daughter Jennifer gave me a Kindle for Christmas and of course it needs a cover. So I did some looking around the internet for a pattern and was able to find one that I could tweak a little and make it mine.  Here is the Kindle sleeve pattern I used to make mine.  It came from Elizabeth's Whimsie's.  A site I hadn't visited before so I'll have to go back and take a look when I have more time.  It was a fairly simple pattern to follow.

Here are a few pictures of mine in progress.
Since I already have all of these yellow and orange strips cut for my Orca Bay project I decided to use them for a back.

I don't sew each of my strips to the backing paper.  Just on the first two strips.  The rest of them I leave loose. That way I only have one row of stitching to pull the paper off of. 

This Friendship Star finished at 3". Can you see the bee that I fussy cut for the center?  I found the pattern for the star here at The World Wide Quilting Page .  There were several blocks that gave different size options in their directions. That background fabric is actually brown. Even though it looks somewhat red in this picture.
Here are the front and back before quilting. The fabrics on the left were given to me by daughter Jennifer last year for Christmas. I have been looking for a way to use them.  So this couldn't have been a better solution.  And there is still a lot of fabric to use for something else.

Ta Da.  Here it is.  A Kindle and cover.  Now I'm ready to take it anywhere.

Happy reading.


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Candace said...

Lovely. I recently made one for my daughter and considering that it was a hurry up and make it in about 45 minutes it turned out cute but yours is nicer. I hope she doesn't see it, lol.