Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Here are some pretty table runners that I found at a yard sale on Friday. I just could not pass up the one with sunflowers. I have just the place for it.  It was risky but they were run through the washer on the hand wash cycle and for the most part they did just fine. The dishtowel with veggies on it ended up with a few small holes in it but it will still look nice folded up.  They were a steal just $2.75 for all of them.  It still leaves me a little sad that someone put so much work into such pretty things and they end up in a yard sale for a few dollars. However, they are now out of a box and will be enjoyed once again.

And this great piece of material is over six yards and only cost $1.00.  Be sure to click on the picture to super size it. This small picture distorts the view.  There is no selvage information on the fabric and it doesn't feel like new material it just feels quite old so I'm sure it will end up the back of something simple.  It would be great for the back of a tree skirt or table runner.  With as much as there is it can go on the back of both.  I ran it through the washer on hot and it did just fine.  As great as it is it just doesn't have the feel of something I would want to back a big quilt I put dozens of hours into.

Just wanted to share my pretty things.  Now I'm off to work on the last few blocks of my  Smith Mountain Morning.


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