Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Friday, March 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Grace

My granddaughter Grace turned 8 on February 26th.  She is growing up and changing so fast.  It seems to go faster then it did with my own two kids.

Grace's "I Am" Quilt
I finally finished the pink quilt I started last January and gave it to Grace.  I spent a lot of time on this quilt.  Each row is made up of 4" blocks with a few spacers added in to make the rows come out even.  No, I didn't think to take a picture of the whole quilt.  But the pictures with Grace in them will always mean more to me anyway.

Reading the label.

Under Construction

It is so nice to have finished something that hopefully will bring her a lot of  joy.

Happy Friday!


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Allison's Third Birthday

Our sweet little Allison turned three on the 10th. She had been given a doll like an American Girl doll for Christmas so it was time for her to get some doll clothes of her own.

I used several of the fabrics Allison and Grace had gifted me for Christmas which worked out great.

It bugs me that the patterns often have the closures
on the back.  I wish I had thought of that before I
finished making the blue shirt and dress.  I would
have made them a little different so that the Velcro
and snaps looked like they belonged on the front.
And to Allison they do belong on the front.  I
certainly won't tell her any different.

All dressed.
Birthday Postcard From Grandma

Happy birthday to Allison. Now on to Grace's birthday on the 26th. I better hurry up and get finished with her presents.

Happy sewing,


Wednesday, January 20, 2016


For Christmas I made my daughter Jen and daughter-in-law Victoria casserole carriers and potholders.  By now I should be used to the dark pictures my camera takes but alas, I'm not.  It probably has more to do with the lighting in my house and not the camera.  Anyway, here are the gifts I made.
Victoria's casserole carrier with two potholders.
Lining fabric.

Jen's casserole carrier with two potholders
Lining fabric.
The potholders were made using patterns from Lori Holt's book Farm Girl Vintage.  I didn't use her potholder directions though.  They were too large for my liking.  Basically the same just not as wide of a border.  The carriers are a conglomeration of a couple of free patterns I found searching the web.   Both sets turned out great.  And I certainly had fun making them.  One of Jen's potholders was supposed to be a sheep but it required some hand stitching and by the time I did that it was no longer fit to be a gift.  Some day I'll learn.

Happy sewing,


Friday, January 15, 2016

There weren't many posts written on my blog last year.  So I'll try to do a little catch up while I seem to be on a roll.  This is three posts just this month.  Wowza.  Anyway, one of the things I never blogged about was being a winner.

The second week of December was another Sew Mama Sew give away week.  It's where bloggers write a post about whatever they want but in the post they offer to give something away (often fabric) if you'll follow their blog on one of the many different ways you can sign up to follow.  Or you might just have to answer a simple question.  It's a good way to get new people to visit your blog.  I participate as one who visits the blogs not the blogger.  That may be one of the reasons I still only have 30 followers (and some of them are duplicates) and not hundreds of followers that many bloggers have.  Anyway - in December I was one of the lucky winners and I never posted about it.

This is the fat 8th bundle I received from Jayne at Twiggy and Opal.

Very pretty fabrics and a zipper pouch too!

The different patterns of fabric.

I was quite surprised that is was such a large bundle of fabrics.  It was a generous prize/gift and I appreciate it.  Now comes the decision on what to do with it.  These fabrics are not necessarily in my usual group of fabrics.  However, I've been looking to do something a little more current and this may be a good reason to figure something out.  Thanks again Jayne.

Happy sewing,


Monday, January 11, 2016

Another busy weekend.  Saturday we had a birthday lunch at the "manor" with mom.  She is 85 years old now.  Most of the family attended. There was too much food as always.  Mom has said that she never gets Mexican food anymore.  So we had a Mexican food potluck.  She appreciated that.

Sunday I spent working on my mystery quilt.  I switched the yellow for teal and love the way it is turning out.

close up

I'm pretty sure this one will be yet another one I want to keep for myself.  I have quite a bit left to sew to get the blocks together.  And since it's laying on my living room floor I may have some motivation to get it done.  I haven't decided yet if I'll put any borders on it. 

Happy sewing,


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A New Year

How did it already get to be January 6th.  The last few days have just flown by and I have so much to get done.  Isn't that the way it always goes.

The holidays around my house were very busy.  We always have one place or another to run off to.  I'm not sure I would change a thing about it though.  I sure wasn't wanting to change anything this time.  There was just too much upset in 2015 to want to throw something different into the Christmas holiday.  And a great Christmas it turned out to be.

My grandgirls Grace and Allison and DIL Victoria like to buy me fabric for my stash. Nothing wrong with that. This time Victoria took some pictures of the girls picking out the fabric.


Allison was working hard to get those bolts up on the table.  It appeared that Grace was being a terrific supervisor.  It's great fun to have them show me which fabrics they picked out.  And this year was even better since I got the pictures that show the story to go with the fabric.  Several of the fabrics made it into my mystery quilt.  I'll have pictures of it another day.

I had so much trouble trying to post these pictures that some of the people that read it via bloglovin might not get the whole post.  I had to keep correcting and updating it.  Oh, well.  I'm leaving it, as is.
Hoping for a productive rest of the week.

Happy sewing,

Juliw  (I even spelled my own name wrong and didn't even notice it. Yet another update.)  Julie

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Clue #3 for the Bonnie Hunter mystery is in the done pile.  Okay, I do still need to cut the extra pieces she wanted us to cut.  Those include the black squares and neutral rectangles from clues 2 and 3.  I'll get them done.  I'm just waiting to see what the next clue is first.  If I have to cut from either the blacks or neutrals I'll just cut the extras at the same time.  And I've been busy making things that I really don't have time for.  Oh, that would be the mystery that I don't have time for.  The other things are Christmas presents.  And I'll post pictures of them later.

In the mean time here are pictures of clues #2 and #3.  I changed out the yellow fabrics for teals.  I ended up with quite a few of those after finding out my granddaughter Grace's favorite color had changed from pink to teal.

Clue #2

Clue #3
I love the way red and teal look together so I'm really looking forward to seeing if I made a good choice.  Some people around blog land have been posting pictures of how they think these pieces may fit together.  I just like to wait until Bonnie shows the actual layout.


On December 3rd I posted about my sister-in-law Lisa that was diagnosed with cervical cancer in March of this year.  Unfortunately, Lisa lost her battle against the cancer yesterday, December 16th.  She leaves behind three daughters - ages 24, 12, and 10.  Please keep those three girls in your prayers. They have had to do an awful lot of growing up in the last several months. And will do a lot more growing up together in the years to come. Pray that the oldest has the strength and patience to see that her younger sisters grow up to each be a wonderful woman like their mother was.