Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I am getting excited about our quilts being posted on Quiltmaker's Quilty Pleasures.  In case you missed it Quiltmaker did a post that has the materials list and a black and white picture of the quilt pattern we made.  Here's a link to that page.  Just in case you would want to make one of the quilts too.  It's a simple pattern that is quick to put together.  Our quilt posts won't start until September 8th.  And again, none of us know what the schedule for the posts are. 

In the mean time I'll show another one of the quilts I did several years ago.  This one I made for me.  I took two different pattern blocks from two different Thimbleberries books and came up with this quilt.

Houses and Trees 2008

Queen Size House Quilt
First try at some free motion quilting in the houses.

This was one of my first "figure it out myself" quilts.  So in 2008 I was already figuring out that I liked scrappy quilts. The more I quilt the more fabrics I like to put in.  If I made this quilt again today I would figure out how not to cut off the tip of the tree.  Other than that I'd probably make it just the same. 

Have a great quilty day!


Friday, August 29, 2014

Another quilt from my past.

About the same time I was making the flowery quilt in 2010 I also needed to make a baby quilt.  Lucky me I found some terrific fabric and the same pattern worked for it too.
Be My Valentine
This quilt turned out so great it was hard to give up.  But give it up I did, because that's what quilters do.  We make beautiful things and give them away so someone else can enjoy them too.

This baby quilt was made for my son-in-laws sisters baby.  If you need to take a moment to figure it out I'll wait.  Anyhow, they had decided not to find out the baby's sex before the birth so I needed a quilt that would work for either sex. 
The Back
This was such a fun quilt to make.  Mostly because the fabrics were so much fun to work with.  There were just enough scraps left over of the focus fabric to make a doll quilt.  And as luck would have it they had a beautiful baby girl, Izzy.

Doll Quilt

And just as a reminder of the flower quilt.  Here's a picture of it too.

The fabrics made such a difference with this pattern.  Simple but great, if I say so myself.

Hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend.  I know I plan to.  I was up bright and early this morning.  Okay it was still very dark outside at 4:00 but I was up.  My sewing room is finally back together again after our sew day last Saturday and I'm ready to get at it.

Happy sewing,


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Today I turned in the answers to the questions Quiltmaker needed from the sewers. Easy questions like - Why do you quilt?  Not necessarily so easy to put into words.  Anyway, it is done and over except to wait for them to post all of the quilts.  It was a great project to work on.  And everyone that participated was very positive and encouraging the entire time. 

Since I still can't show the quilt I thought I'd show pictures of a quilt I made a few years ago.  I first posted pictures of this on my HGTV Share My Quilt page in 2010.  I haven't posted to that site since 2010.  I had forgotten some of the quilts that I had on there. 

This quilt started with the flower fabric and I have no idea where it came from.  I probably got it on one of the shop hops we've been on.  What little of it was left has been cut up and put into some of the scrap quilts I've made.  There are little mice on the fabric so once or twice I have fussy cut those and put them in my blocks.  I'm sure there is a mouse or two in my bow tie quilt. 

When I made this quilt I was going to hang it on my living room wall but Jennifer made such a fuss over it that I gave it to her.  Yesterday when we were taking pictures of me to send in to Quiltmaker I ended up standing in front of this quilt. So my picture will be very colorful.  I'm hoping that the quilt will be what draws the attention and not me.  :)

 Now that I have found pictures of all those "old" quilts I'll try from time to time to post about some of them or all of them.

Happy sewing,


Friday, August 15, 2014

Spoiler Alert

Okay maybe not a spoiler.  But it is a picture that has to do with my Quiltmaker quilt.  On July 29th I got the box of fabric from Quiltmaker and on Tuesday August 12th it was finished.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I could start and finish a quilt in two weeks time.  It is a very simple quilt.  And of course, it's not very large.  But it's a quilt.  And it's done.  At least I thought it was done when I brought it in to work to get it ready to ship to Colorado.  The quilt was in the box and I all but had the box taped up when it occurred to me that I had not clipped my threads.

So I sat at my desk running my hands back and forth over the quilt to find, hopefully, all of the thread tails from the quilting.  Yes, blue thread.  Is the quilt blue?  Perhaps.  And perhaps not.  What the quilt is is done!  And shipped off to Quiltmaker.  Quiltmaker will be showing all eight of the quilts the week of September 8th on their Quilty Pleasures blog.  This has been a fun process. I challenged myself to apply to do it.  Then I learned how to use the quilting patterns they wanted (my version),  I finished in the allotted time, and I'm proud of the quilt I made.

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Once again I've been trying to figure out posting from my phone. The writing part works but the pictures remain a mystery to me. I would really like to get this figured out before Jen and I leave for Washington. I would love to be able to post some pictures from there. Nothing we see will be new. But it will be a first for us.

This wasn't supposed to post.  I wasn't done with it.  Still not.  Grrrr!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Plodding Along

There are no pretty pictures to be shown today. If I had been thinking about it I would have taken a picture of the 3" churn dash blocks I've been making as leader/enders.  I'm pretty sure I have way more than enough for the pillow cover I'm making and then some.

I got my fabric for the Back To School quilt last Tuesday.  By Thursday night I had the top done.  It's not a very big quilt. Friday night I made the backing and got it pinned.  Then on Saturday I headed to Great Plains Quilt shop in Burlingame.  I wanted Kathy Smith to help me choose thread for the quilt.  As always she had just what I needed.  She always has some great suggestions to make things go smoother than I would have thought.  Anyway, I have the majority of the "easy" quilting done.  Then it will be on to some free motion patterns that I haven't done yet.  I have been practicing on paper.  And of course, I'll do some practicing on fabric.  But eventually I'll have to actually put it into action on the quilt. 

I have been taking pictures as I've gone along with the process.  So I'm sure I'll do another post telling of the progress and include the pictures.  The group of eight that are making the quilts and a few ladies from Quiltmaker have a private Facebook page that we have all been posting to.  I've been able to see most of the fabrics.  There is quite a variety.  I did see today that one of the sewers is having a long arm quilter do her quilting.  That would be nice.  Certainly, would be less stress.

Happy sewing,


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's Here!

The box of fabric from Quiltmaker finally arrived today. Sorry I can't show you what's inside the box just yet.  Take if from me, it's pretty.

Now wish me luck on getting this quilt done within their timeline.  Quiltmaker is giving us until August 23rd to get the quilt done and back to them.  Well, I have news for them.  Mine is going in the mail by the 15th of August because after that I'll be away from my sewing machine for a week.  And the 15th is just 17 short days away.  I feel a vacation day or two coming on.

I can't tell you how hard it is to sit here at my desk and not touch that fabric.  It is sitting next to me where I can stare ( I mean occasionally glance) at it though.  Five o'clock where are you?

The pattern we were given is printed in black and white since each of the eight people making a quilt will have different fabric.  Quiltmaker did a terrific thing.  They cut a small square of each fabric and pasted it to the corresponding fabric number on the pattern.  So trying to figure out where they want each fabric is no longer an issue.  Thank goodness.

My next post will probably be of 3" churn dash blocks that I'll be using as my leader enders while I'm making this top.  I'm hoping to get a few more of those in the done pile.

Happy sewing,