Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, June 26, 2017

Here is my current "row of the month".  This one is for Deloris Rieck.  She wanted her quilt to have houses.  Several others had already done some houses so I decided to do a church.

Mine once again, looks oversized to the others.  I'm not sure that it is as noticeable as it shows in this picture. My row is just closer to the camera and it's 12" wide and most of the others are 9". Deloris' row is the top one, my sister's is the third from the top.  My sister and I actually used blocks from the same pattern.  She just made hers much smaller.  The pattern for my block was originally 18" tall so the church only has two windows instead of four and is a bit narrower through the roof.  These rows are making me think and make adjustments that I normally don't do.   And can I just say wow again about the paper pieced and appliqued blocks. Deloris wanted all of the rows to have a light blue background so she provided several different prints for her quilt.  These blocks are my favorites so far.  Now to find out what the next rows will be.  Unfortunately, I haven't been to quilt guild in a couple of months because of work and ball games so I haven't been able to see what everyone else is doing.  Maybe I can make it in July?

Happy quilting,