Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, January 13, 2014

I did start Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery Celtic Solstice. Again, I went with a little different color way. This was actually started before the big reveal. But there is still a long way to go with it.

These are the "Birthday Girl" blocks.  I really like how they look together and may have to make some of these for a quilt all their own.
Here they are with the "54-40 or Fight" blocks.  I'm happy that there is enough color contrast that the circular pattern shows up.
Here is a closer view of some of the fabrics.

I am still quite a ways from being able to put these into a top.  But they are well on their way.  And I'm pleased with the look of it.

Happy quilting,


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sadly, its been a day or two since I last wrote a post.  Or maybe a month or two.  In my defense I have been sick for over a month.  The Tuesday after Thanksgiving I came down with the stomach flu and missed a couple of days of work.  Then later that week I had my first round of flu.  And since then I have had a confirmed case of influenza type A. And just generally been sick.  I think all together I missed five days of work.  Luckily the holidays fell in that time too or it would have been a whole lot more than five days.  I am still carrying my cough syrup and cough drops but didn't use them yesterday so may take them out of my purse.  At least the cough syrup.

I haven't done a whole lot of sewing in the last month.  The orange quilt top did get finished and I did give it as is to my son for Christmas with the promise that I would get it quilted pretty soon.

He was a good sport about it.  He may not install my new garbage disposal until I get it done though.  He may have to use that as a bargaining chip.

I had a busy day making Kindle covers. 
This is the second one I made for Zach.  They look exactly alike but when I got the first one done my Kindle wouldn't fit in it.  So I knew his wouldn't. So I made one a little larger.  If you biggie size the picture you can see the trombone button I sewed on the closure.

Here is the Kindle cover I made for mom.  Hers doesn't fit either.  I'm not even going to try making another one.  I've wasted enough fabric on the two that didn't work.  If I could remember the site where I got the pattern I would share the name just so no one else makes the same mistake of following these directions.  Obviously my 3/8" seam isn't the same size as the person who shared the pattern.

I also made mom a walker bag. It was on her walker yesterday so I guess it worked out.  Not great fabrics but what I had to work with in green that wasn't a poison green.


So this has been my last month in a nutshell.  Sick, sick, sick.  And nothing sewn right or finished.  Here's hoping January will be more productive.