Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, June 29, 2015

Something is sitting across from my desk that makes me want to be home sewing.  My new sewing machine was delivered today!

Finally, an extra machine that I can take for Sit and Sew. This will be so much easier to pack and carry than my Janome.

It is a small machine but appears to have all the features I don't want to do without.  Things like an auto threader and a top loading visible bobbin.  As long as I can sew a quarter inch with it I should be a happy girl.

I'll admit - the second picture was taken close up so that the damage to the box showed.  YES, UPS it really is a sewing machine in the box.  NO, you shouldn't throw it around.  Hopefully, when I plug it in it all runs smoothly.  I'm sure it will.  But it sure would be another thing on this Monday that has me wishing it was Tuesday.

My morning started with me getting about four miles out of town and remembering that I needed something at home.  So back I went.  Then when I got to work my co-worker came in and told me I had a flat tire.  Really?!  She very nicely called AAA who was right down the street.  A little air and I was off to Walmart.  At Walmart I was told I needed a new tire.  Lucky for me, I bought the road hazard.  Unlucky for me, the paperwork wasn't in the glove box and they were having trouble finding the purchase in their computer.  Another employee who was a little more computer savvy found the December transaction and I didn't have to pay for the new tire.  Just another charge for road hazard for the tire.  2 1/2 hours later and I was back at work.  Yes, 2 1/2 and mine was the second car in line for service.  Monday, Monday go away.

On a brighter note - it's a short week for the holiday so there will be a three day weekend to get lots of sewing done.  

Hope every one else is having a great Monday.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's Back

My basket quilt finally came back to me.  Actually, I kind of thought Quiltmaker would have it until after they are done with the block of the month which will be February or March of next year.  I realized after mailing it to Quiltmaker that I had never taken a picture of the finished quilt.  Guess I was in to much of a hurry to send it off.  Today my co-worker and I took a couple of pictures here at the office so they aren't great but they do show the colors of the quilt well.  Can you see where the red bled in the top middle block.  I have looked very carefully at every picture and video I've seen of it on the "Quilty Pleasures" blog and have yet been able to tell that the block bled red in not one but two places.  Quiltmaker must have done some careful editing or used photoshop like they said they could and would.  Whew!

"My Mother's Baskets" aka "Quilty Baskets"

This quilt was designed for my mom.  She has collected glass and pottery baskets for many years so I thought of her basket collection when I was trying to come up with a quilt pattern to make for her. She has also always said her favorite color is green.  Therefore, all of the very green fabrics in the quilt.  I didn't find out until I made the sample quilt for Quiltmaker "Hip Hopscotch" that her favorite color is actually teal.  Apparently, teal green the same teal green that my granddaughter Grace said she likes.  I'll need to get some of that for my stash.  Mom seems to be quite happy with her very GREEN basket quilt though.  Or, at least she will be, when I finally give it to her. 

If you are making the block of the month along with Quiltmaker I sure would like to hear from you. 

Happy stitching,