Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Presents

Finally done!   It seemed like I was never going to finish this one.  It is a Judy Laquidara pattern from her book Weekend Quilts.  It ended up being 84" square.  Absolutely nothing against Judy's pattern but I obviously do not sew as fast as her.  My quilt is larger than the pattern in the book and I changed the border and made the background scrappy.  That may be some of the reasons it took me several weeks to get this done.  But done it is.  Yippee!  I used a large meander to quilt it which worked out well for the quilt and me.  This was a gift and needed to be done by the 24th and it just barely made it under the tree. I love the finished quilt and kept it at my house so I can take it to quilt guild in Burlingame and Holton in January.  I wonder if my son and his wife will notice if I don't give it back to them?

I also got this tree skirt done for my daughter Jennifer and her husband Zach. You may notice that the center of the skirt hasn't been cut yet and the binding is not on here.  Silly me, I do not YET have a picture of the finished tree skirt.  I forgot to take one.  I did the binding in strips of the different reds that are in the skirt.  These block patterns were from a block of the month we did at Quilting on the Square in Holton last year.  I thought the log cabin worked well in the reds and greens and stands out nicely under the tree.  And hopefully someday I will put together the blocks that I did last year.  They are in browns.

And these lovely fabrics are a gift from my daughter Jennifer.  A girl that takes after her mother.  Wow, I just couldn't believe it when I opened my Christmas present and these fabrics were in there.  She bought all of these on one of our Kansas shop hops this last summer.  I drooled over all of it then and can't wait to get something done with them now.  Might have to work with those moths and bumble bees first?  I know she is secretly hoping to end up with the results of my labor and who knows she just might.  Only time will tell.

This  pillow is a gift from Mother to me.  My sisters also got one. (Hope I didn't spoil Cathy's surprise.)  Each a different pattern.  Behind mom is a lap quilt she gave me last year.  So as you can see I get my quilting genes directly from her.  Thanks mom the pillows turned out great!

To top off this wonderful list of gifts son Jesse and family gave me a 19" monitor for my computer.  It is wonderful to be able to clearly see all the posts at Patchwork Times.

What a great Christmas.  Jesus is the reason for the season.  God Bless.