Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, April 29, 2013

On The Wall Today

This weekend I was able to get quite a bit of sewing done.  Should have been more yard work and less sewing.  But I am hoping to get the mower going this afternoon.  If I can get it to start.  Batteries!

Here is what I have done so far with my 9 patch leader/ender quilt.  I have one more row to add to it and then it will be 70" without any borders.  It will have a dark brown narrow border and then 6" blocks around that to finish it off.  That's the plan for today anyway.


I also finished the twenty five 12" stars that are needed for my scrappy star quilt.  The stars in the back already have the sashing around them.  This would certainly be pretty all on it's own.  Hmmm.  But I'm pretty sure that I'll get back to the ninety plus 6" stars that I still need for this.

Here is a little closer view of some of the fabrics that are in this quilt.  Be sure to click on the pictures to get an even larger view.

Check out all of the terrific design walls at Patchwork Times .  Have a great Monday.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Design Wall Monday

This is the project I am currently spending my sewing time on.  The small stars are 6" blocks that are set to make a 12" block.  The larger stars are 10" and with the sashing finish at 12".  I haven't decided yet whether or not this quilt will have a border but I am leaning in that direction.  I tried the sashing in a dark blue and that just didn't work.  I'm not sure how I like the light paisley yet either.  What I really think would look great is this done as just the small stars with no sashing.  But that may end up being a whole other project.  For right now I'll just concentrate on the (96) 6" stars I need to finish this layout.  The plan is to have 24 of the blocks using 6" stars and 25 of the 10" stars with sashing.  I have all but six of the larger blocks done.  Most of them still need sashed though.  That layout will make a 84" x 84" quilt top without borders.  Hmmmm, that might just be large enough.

To make these stars I have been using the Easy Angle ruler .  The 6" stars take a 2" strip of fabric and the 10" stars use a 3" strip of fabric.  Easy math. Easy block.   I have not repeated any of the fabrics in the individual stars.  Don't get me wrong the same fabrics are used in many of the blocks.  I have just tried not to use them in the individual blocks. 


While I have been working on the stars I have been making more 9 patches to go in my latest leader/ender quilt.  I am about ready to see how much farther I can get with the 9 patches I have now.
You can see more pictures of this project here .

Be sure to check out all of the great design walls at Patchwork Times.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blessed? You betcha!

I had my weekend planned out.  Sewing all day Saturday and Sunday.  Then a full design wall to show off on Monday.  The best laid plans.

This is my Saturday morning design wall.  All lined up and ready for more.

And there are more, just no picture yet.  These blocks are each 6".  Saturday I was able to get about 10 more of these done.  And then I wanted to play with them in a larger size.  So I have several done that are 10".  I will post pictures later.

On Sunday morning I sewed for several hours then headed out for a day with my sister Joyce.  We were just about to our destination when my son Jesse called.  He was taking my DIL Victoria to the emergency room and could I please come get the 3 kids from him.  I was 45 minutes away so I called DD Jennifer who ran to the rescue.  To make a long story short.

Their family of five had been at church when Victoria started to hemorrhage 8 weeks after giving birth.  Before the day was over Victoria's heart stopped and she was resuscitated by a nurse named Dallas.  (Thank you Dallas!)  Several hours later she was given a blood transfusion and she is now at home on bed rest and well on her way to a complete recovery.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is...you really never know what your day might bring.  I don't know why we have to go through all the trials that we do.  But I do know that God works for us.  First of all they were at church.  So she had her entire church praying for her recovery.  Jesse was sitting right next to her when her heart stopped and a big male nurse (yes, a female could have done it too) was right there to perform CPR.  And they had family to step in and take care of the 3 kids.

And this is who I have today. 

                                                                         Easter 2013

Count your blessings.  Because even when you're having a bad day there are still things to feel blessed about.

Happy sewing,