Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More 4" Blocks

These blocks may just get the best of me.  Fabric selection has never been one of my favorite things about quilting.  And with these 4" blocks it is even worse. 

For example:

The blocks on the right were my first draft.  And in my opinion they don't work.  The top right would be okay if I were making a dark Halloween quilt.  Nope, not doing that.  And the bottom right block - What was I thinking?  I love that background print but it certainly didn't work in this case.  Maybe I can fit that fabric in somewhere else.   I really didn't want to go with all light backgrounds but that is what seems to be working.

These are the usable blocks that I have done.  However, I don't like the black and white block.  Maybe it just doesn't have enough pieces?  And the plaid flying geese block is another one that I will make again using fabrics that will go better with the rest of them.  Now the pink and green star in the top row, that's another story.  When I finished it I started thinking about my next leader/ender project. 

Yes, I have been using some of the 6" sow-a-long blocks as an example of some blocks to make.  So I'll show some of them next to each other.  For some reason the size difference amazes me.  

Well, for the most part, I'm having fun making these blocks.  I think it may behoove me to slow down while making fabric selections.  That will, however, mean less orphan blocks to go on the back.  But it will also mean less time wasted making a second block.

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