Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just Call Me Super Woman

Okay, maybe not super woman.  Maybe just over zealous woman.  For some reason I woke up at 5:30 this morning with way more energy than any one person should keep to themselves.  Yesterday, I finished the baby quilt top. So one would think it would be time to make a back for it.  Yes, that would be right.  But not what I did.  I don't like that part.  And at 5:30 I didn't want to think that hard.  So I pulled out a drawer that had not seen daylight for quite some time.  As a matter of fact I had to go back to the very beginnings of my blog to find out that I started this project in August of 2010.  Here is the first post I did on it.

And here is what the drawer looked like early this morning. That is my pattern on the notebook paper.  Just a few numbers and a basic drawing.

A few blocks laid out.  At four inches there are a lot to put on the wall.  After getting it to this point. I decided to break it into groups of 3 by 7. That worked with the overall layout of 21 across and down.

And as of now here is what is done.  With a little tearing out along the way. My mind is focusing on the dark corners of the block. So when I lay them out I'm not seeing some of the lights. And in these blocks some of the fabrics are used for both dark and light.  But I am determined not to obsess over the layout. That was the reason for buying so many different fabrics. 

I am forcing myself not to run to the fabric store to buy a different color to frame the big blocks. The color used is a dark green and it probably will work out just great. I just hope it does not wash out the focus blocks too much.  Click on a picture to biggie size them. It's much more impressive that way. 

I did take a break along the way.  After all a person has to eat. And tonight is dinner at Jesse's so I needed to make some cookies.  I guess that's why I'm feeling my super powers coming out.  All that, cookies, and I mopped the kitchen floor.

Now I'm ready for a nap.  And some Tylenol.


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Sarah said...

You go Superwoman!!! I love this quilt and the idea of pulling all the colors out of the panels. I passed your blog on to a firend who also has big panels that she didn't know what to do with. Can't wait to see your progress!