Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Sunday, April 1, 2012

March B O M

Finally, I found my sewing machine again.  No it wasn't lost.  Just buried under the mound of mess I seem to have surrounding me these days.  Hopefully, I'll get back in the sewing mood.  I see it's been almost a month since I last posted.  And for some reason this morning my blog wouldn't come up in my list of favorites.  So I had to google it.  Too funny.  Guess I'll have to save it again.  I was beginning to think it had just disappeared because of lack of use. lol

Anyway, here are my March block of the months.

This is the one for Overbrook.  Yes, it is just as wonky as it appears. I did not want to use the template and thought I could do better.  Nope, I can't. Therefore the half square triangle blocks are too small.  But I do have left over fabric for the first time. 

This is the Baldwin City block.  Once again, I really like this fabric.  These blocks are going to look great together.  But yes, this one is wonky too. And I actually followed the directions.  Just not very well.

Here is Holton's block.  These always seem to go together nicely. Using the Recs Tool makes these blocks work so well.  I haven't even worked to square this one up yet.  It might just fit the way it is.

Off for another busy day.  I get to visit the Topeka Josten's plant today. They are having an Easter egg hunt for the employee's children.  My son works there as a computer tech.  So I get to see where he is happily employed.  Not very many people actually tell you they like their jobs. But he says it every time he talks about it.  FYI - Josten's is the company that probably made your high school ring and yearbook. 

Happy sewing,


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