Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Good Friend Indeed

One of my friends emailed me Thursday and told me about a fabric sale she had heard about.  They were going to be selling fabric scraps for $5.00 a bag.  I figured if it was any good a zip lock bag of fabric for $5.00 would be worth it so I headed to the church sale this morning.

This is not a zip lock bag. This is a large grocery bag.  Who would have thought it.

So me being the scrappy quilter that I am - I dug into their piles of fabric.  And no, I wasn't the only one filling my bag.  It was all very controlled chaos.  I even recognized one woman from Quilting On the Square in Holton. 
I ended up with lots of fabric scraps.  There are also several pieces in there that are one or more yards of fabric. I can't wait to get it home, get it sorted and then washed.  I anticipate lots of stringy pieces of fabric in my future.
Along with the bag of fabric I picked up eight of these basket quilt blocks.  They were $1.50 for all eight.  They are not hand stitched down but they were machine sewn very well.  Probably a whole lot better than I would have done.  I'll add them to my tote of orphan blocks and someday they may find their way into a quilt.

My total at the cash box was $6.50 so I handed over a ten and felt guilty that it wasn't more.  Those ladies said they would have given it away to get it out of there.  I imagine now almost two hours later that anything that is left is quite picked over but if you want to check it out they are at the St. Joseph Church on 3rd and Van Buren in Topeka.

Have a great day.



Carla said...

Great find. Love that little basket block. Wish I lived closer to that. Your lucky day!

Podunk Pretties said...

Those are the kind of sales that get me in trouble with the hubby! I'm jealous of your fabric score!

clarel said...

What fun! Lots of goodies in there!