Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Version of Hip-Hopscotch

When Quiltmaker selected me to be one of the eight quilters for the Back to School Party I was (still am) so excited and terrified.  Terrified of cutting some of their fabric wrong for one thing.  So I decided to take their pattern and make it from some of my fabrics. Lately I have been in the mood to work with bright colors and this is about as bright as they get in my stash.
First Take
I think I'll call this one First Take since that's basically what it is.  That blue fabric in the blocks and border has been in my stash for years.  I'm sure it was picked up on a shop hop from somewhere near here.  But I'm sure I couldn't tell you.  The only fabric that wasn't in my stash was the pale yellow.  I ran into Great Plains Quilt Co. and got that one.  I'll say right here that when I wrote the answers to the questions that appear on the Quilty Pleasures blog I did not give them the name of the shop here in town.  Diane Harris who put all of that together researched the name and put it in there.  Good for Diane!  I didn't know I could be that specific when I shamelessly plugged our little town.  Anyway, on to more pictures.

Please, please, please biggie size the pictures and get a close up view of that awesome quilting.  Actually, the quilting on this one did not go as easily as it did on the Quiltmaker version.  For one thing, my thread broke over and over again.  Not a good way to spend a day.  But it still looks great in my not so humble opinion.  Normally I'm a humble person.  But I am proud of learning the quilting. Can you tell?

Imagine my surprise when Diane Harris again went above and beyond my answers and found the horrible picture that I posted on here of me practicing the quilting on paper.
The picture Diane posted on my bio.


Quilt Back
Here is what the quilt back looks like.  I used just about every inch of all of the fabrics.  I may be able to get a few string pieces out of some of them but it's doubtful.  Way to use up the old stash fabrics!
Close up of fabrics

And there you have it.  Most anyone who sees this will realize that my quilt does not have the binding on it.  Not yet, anyway.  It will but I wanted to be sure to write this post while it was still timely.  And for the next few days I have something else I need to do when I'm at home.

When Quilty Pleasures was asking for people to apply to be sewers for the Back to School Party they wanted us to send in a picture of a quilt we had made.  So the picture I sent was of a quilt I designed.  Well yesterday, in the midst of waiting for my info to appear on Quilty Pleasures I got an email from Carolyn Beam at Quiltmaker Magazine.  They are interested in publishing a pattern in their magazine for my quilt.  To say I am over the moon is to state it mildly.  So, sometime in late 2015 be on the lookout for a pattern from me in the magazine.  I really hope it all works out.  It's a great quilt and I've always believed that.  It's the one quilt that I didn't show pictures of along the design and sewing process.  And now I know why.  I'm just thrilled that someone else sees the same thing I do.

Have a great day!


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Dora, the Quilter said...

I am so glad you got to be part of the Back to School Party--because my mom's family lived in Burlingame for years--and I haven't been back for years.
(Several family graves are in the Burlingame cemetery.)
One of my favorite visits to Burlingame occurred around 1988 or 90 when I fell in love with some jumpers in a crafty store in Burlingame.
I'm now going to follow your blog!