Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First Step for Quiltmaker Sample Quilt

Today I'll take the first step in the process of making the sample quilt for Quiltmaker.  No, I don't have the fabric yet.  It will probably be a few more days before that shows up.  I'm hoping it's here by Saturday so I'll have the weekend to work on it.  I do know what the pattern is and it is a simple one.  Good!  I'm only going to have a couple of weeks to get the quilt done.  From start to finish.  And for me the hardest part is going to be the quilting.  And Quiltmaker wants the quilting their way.  Oh, no!  It's a pattern that I haven't ever done before so I just need to start practicing.

Today I read through the pattern (yes, this time I read all the way through the pattern) and figured out what size strips there were going to be.  So now I know how wide my quilting motif should be.  So I drew some lines the width I'll need on paper and made copies.  And I'll just take my trusty pencil and practice on paper for a while.  Then I'm sure I'll make a sample or two or many, many more before I try it out on the actual quilt.
My first try and I'm terrible.  This is truly going to take a lot of practice and maybe in the meantime I'll see if there is a template for this somewhere that I can get.

Wish me luck,


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