Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Not again!

Early morning sewing is really bad for me some days.  This morning I was working on finishing up the last eight snails trail blocks and saw that I had made yet another error. I was putting on the last round of neutral and saw that they were sewn in the wrong position.
This is the way the block is supposed to look.  But I found that I had sewn the light sections on the wrong sides so it was going to not make the swirl pattern.  Thank goodness I discovered that before I put on the last of the blue.  So with the front of the block facing away from me I started ripping out the seams.  Again, I'd like to thank my lucky stars that I didn't rip them all out at once, normally I would. It was almost time to start getting ready for work so I thought just do this one and you'll have one done.  When I went to sew the neutral on in the right place it was going on in the SAME place.  I had ripped out what was already okay.  Out of the eight blocks I'm doing right now only one of them was done wrong.  Whew, I about blew that.  I think if I had ripped all eight of them out and then figured that out this would have ended up in a tote as another unfinished project.  As of right now, I have the final blue pieces to put on these eight blocks.  I also need to cut the setting triangles.  Then I'll be ready to put it together.

I'll be glad when this top is in the done pile.  


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