Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oh, my!

One thing I like to do on the internet is to Google something quilty I want to look at.  For instance I might Google Shoo Fly quilts.  Then Google takes me to a list to choose from.  One thing that comes up in the list is "images of Shoo Fly quilts".  And there are literally hundreds of pictures that come from various places in the internet.  You can click on the picture and it will take you to the blog or site where the picture is found.  It is a good way to get some inspiration for a block or pattern I'm thinking about working on.

This morning I Googled Baptist Fan quilting tutorials.  I am still looking for a simple way to do freehand Baptist Fan quilting.  Imagine my surprise, or horror rather, when one of my own images came up.  This is the first time it has ever happened.  There was a feeling of awe at knowing how large and yet how small the internet is.  But the horror came when of all the pictures I have posted on my blog - the picture that came up was this one:
Practice Quilting
My scrap sample of my own Baptist Fan quilting.  Yes, this exact picture.  the one that starts in ecru thread and ends with red.  The one that has a hole in the fabric on the left hand side.  The one that has other practice quilting under the Baptist Fan practice.  And now by posting another picture it may come up yet again.  The picture above has an added caption that reads "practice quilting".  Wish the first one had said that.

Anyway.  Yippee one of my images came up in a Google search.  Oh, my.  Did it have to be that one.

You can bet that my practice pieces will be much prettier in the future.

Happy sewing,


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