Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, March 17, 2014

New Project

Well instead of finishing something I've again started on a new project.   Piecing a new top.  It busies my mind and my hands.  It makes me use my creative side.  It makes me happy.  Guess I try to justify it to myself more than anyone else.

For several years I have wanted to make Shakespeare in the Park. And I guess now is the time.

I don't really care for the directions in the book so I found a 6" star block that I have already made to give me the measurements for the inner star.  I'll have to work a little harder to figure the outer part.  If you biggie size the picture you can see how the larger blocks are a star in a star.  This pattern is in Judy Martin's book - The Creative Pattern book.  What I don't like about the directions is that you have to cut EVERYTHING out at one time.  You can't tell what is for the star blocks and what is for the alternate blocks from the cutting directions.  So I pulled out my sticky notes, my hi-liters, crossed my fingers and started figuring out what I needed.  The fabrics are from my precut bins.  There is a whole lot more mess than this though. And I need a lot more fabric than what is precut.

This is as far as I have made it.  From the picture they look a lot like flying geese and I guess they are.  But there is a little more work than that.  I'll need 24 with this light background and 24 that have a blue background.  And then of course make some of them into the larger star in a star. 

I did finish the little red and white heart quilt.  It turned out great.  And then I washed it.  And then it wasn't so great anymore.  Even though I had pre-washed all of my fabrics some of the reds still bled.  I have bought some stuff to soak it in and hope that works.


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