Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Birthday Cards

Last year when my little granddaughter Allison turned one and I stewed and stewed over whether or not I wanted to start making her fabric postcards for her birthdays.  I have been making one every year for her older sister Grace.  But I wanted something different for Allison.  So I had a terrible plan to make her a flower block each year until there were enough to put a quilt together.  Well, that's one way to test whether or not your thread will hold up over the years.

This was from last year.
Flower quilt  block for Allison's 1st birthday.

Over the last year I've regretted my decision to not make Allison postcards too.  After all she can't pick up a quilt block and carry it around.  Or read it, either.

So here is Allison's birthday postcard for her 2nd birthday.
Postcard for Allison's 2nd birthday.

Back of postcard

You should never look too closely at my applique work.  It's usually acceptable, but rarely great.  It is however, done with love.

Now to figure out a postcard for Grace's 7th birthday.  Wow.

Happy Tuesday.


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