Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More of the Same

Yes, today I bring you more of the same.  The pink is even getting a little old to me.  However, I'll be looking at pink for quite some time to come.  It's actually coming together quite nicely.  But I'm pretty sure that it isn't going to be a quilt by the time Grace's birthday gets here the end of February.  This may be one of those quilts that gets drug out until Christmas.  But that would mean I'll have to figure out a birthday present in between now and February 26th.

This is a terrible picture of what I had done as of Sunday morning.

I took this picture before I headed out to work at the college on Sunday.  I wanted to start figuring out the details to put the rows together.

There is a lot of spare time in my work day at the college.  I'm busy first thing in the morning and at the last of the day and in between that I usually do a lot of reading.  This time I was able to put a lot of numbers down on paper.

I counted out letters and added in the 1/2" sashing in between each letter to figure out how much extra space I had to get to the 60" width I want.  I'm planning to add a border to finish out the width.  I'm lousy at math so luckily all of my blocks are the same size.  Just not all of the words are the same length. There will also be more than one word on several of the rows.  Hopefully, my figuring is right and the rows will all come out the way I planned.

The first row sewn together.  Okay, the only row sewn together, so far.  I also made yet another word and have another one cut out.  So a little progress was made.

On to other news.  My sister Cathy tells me that there is a picture of my quilt in the newest issue of Quiltmaker.  It tells about it being a block of the month.  I haven't seen the issue yet.  I'm really excited to see how it all turns out.  Quiltmaker posted a picture last week on their blog but I was asked not to write about it on my blog yet.  They weren't quite ready.  I'm patiently waiting until I can post MY first picture.  I'm told they will let me know when.  I think I'll head to the store a little later and see if the new issues are out yet.  I think they usually go in the stores later than they are mailed.  I'm not a subscriber my Mom is.  We live about five blocks from each other.  She gets a couple of magazines and I get a couple of different ones and then we trade back and forth.  We've done it that way for years.  As of yesterday she hadn't yet received her copy in the mail.  But my sister who lives less than two miles away got hers.  Go figure.

Have a terrific Tuesday.


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