Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Some More Pink

The pink is still fun to work on.  But quite frankly, it's not much fun to post about.  There just isn't much to show that looks like anything is getting done.  I will say that I worked at least 10 hours over the weekend on this top.  This is one where I should have been keeping track of my hours.  It has occurred to me that each of these blocks is ONLY 4" finished. And that a twin size quilt is going to add up to a lot of 4" blocks. But it does seem like it's taking forever.  Even to me.  This time I have some rows sewn together though.  So see, there is hope.

I started and ended the weekend sewing session making more setting blocks.  I've already shown some of the Jack in the Box.  But here are a few again.  I think they are more level than that on the wall. 

There were also some of these Shoo Fly blocks.  They gave me a little trouble since to my mind they are based on a nine patch setting and I needed them to be a four patch setting.  It was a little difficult to figure out the math (even with a calculator).  I just was not getting them to divide well at all.  I ended up cutting my pieces just a little less than 1 7/8".  The way I wrote it in my notes was to cut them just to the right of the 1 7/8" mark on my ruler. 
Hopefully, that makes a little sense.  Anyway, if you'd like to make your own 4" Shoo Fly block then I would suggest you make the 1/2 square triangle pieces a little over-sized and trim them down to just a shade under 1 7/8".  I tried cutting in between the 6/8 and 7/8 marks and that was too much.  My blocks were too small.  There was more time spent on these four little blocks then I'm sure was necessary.  I'm sure it would have been simpler to browse the web until I found a pattern the right size for my project.

Another part of the top I worked on was the sashing in between the rows.  I had started cutting the gray sashing into 1 1/2" strips to finish at 1".  When I sewed the first two rows together I wasn't very happy with the results.
1" Sashing
The way these rows are put together very few of the letters are going to line up from top to bottom.  There are different size strips separating the words and setting blocks on every row.  With the 1" finished sashing it was too apparent that they don't line up.

1 1/2" Sashing
So I ripped out the narrower sashing and made it a little wider.  It was cut at 2" and finishes at 1 1/2".  By the time a little quilting goes in there it will look just fine.

As of right now, I have five rows sashed together.  Using the wider sashing means that I will need at least one less row of words.  And that means I have an extra word.   Oh, well.  Maybe something else to work into the border or on the back.  If you have a strong opinion about the color gray for the sashing please don't hesitate to let me know.  There are several reasons I went with the gray.  One - I have a lot of it.  Two - It makes me think of the words being underlined with a pencil mark.  This quilt is for a almost seven year old that is in the 1st grade.  They do a lot of writing in pre-lined workbooks in the first grade.  And several other reasons could be added.  But it's not too late to make a change if needed.

Another weekend or two and this too shall be in the "to be quilted" pile. Yes, that is me, mocking myself for making a lot of quilt tops and quilting very few.

Have a terrific rest of your day.


I apologize for using the word "sashing" so many times in this post.  When I hit the spell check it high lighted each and every one of them.  If sashing isn't in the dictionary, it certainly should be.

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clarel said...

Didn't realize that my comment hadn't posted the other day. I loved sewing with you today & seeing your quilt coming together.