Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, December 22, 2014

This weekend I was able to finish Step 4 of Bonnie Hunters Grand Illusion mystery quilt.  This one went fairly quick for me.  I had most of the 2 1/2" strips cut that I needed.  And we had already made one of the corners we needed for each unit.
Step 4
These are the steps all together.
Step 1 - 4
I am a bit surprised that I've been keeping up with this.  That and doing a bit of other sewing too.

This is what I started on Sunday morning.  I'm hoping that it looks like a daisy.  It's supposed to.
The colors on the picture above are a terrible representation of the true colors.  These are Kona fabrics - the dark blue and the white is called "snow". 

This picture shows a better representation of the colors but also shows how messy my center was before I trimmed it.  This is my first project making the bias strips.  So far so good.  I may take the time to rip out the center spiral quilting.  I should have done it with my free motion foot instead of the walking foot.  It's pretty rough.  It might also have helped if I had drawn it on there instead of doing it freehand.  This is a free pattern given on Esch House Quilts.  Her directions are pretty clear.  I did watch a couple of YouTube videos on how to make the bias strips.  And luckily I had bought a tool years ago that I was able to actually lay my hands on at the right time.  The outcome of this project is still undetermined.  The original given with the pattern is a pillow cover.  I'm thinking bag. 

Have a great Monday!



TLC said...

LOVE your Daisy!

Marly said...

I love your cushion. Blue and white look so fresh together.

sophie said...

Your daisy is very daisy-like! From here, it looks like summer.

Jennifer said...

Definitely looks like a daisy and it would make a striking bag!

Dar said...

Your cushion looks like a daisy to me. I like your Grand Illusion colors too.

Kate said...

Love the colors you are using for Bonnie's mystery quilt. Your daisy block looks great too. Have a very Happy Holiday.

clarel said...

Great job on both - you always seem to work pretty fast!