Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, February 24, 2014

Another busy weekend.  Grace had her birthday party on Saturday the 22nd.  It was a fun filled, long day.  Okay maybe just long for the adults.  It was spa day for the girls.  They started with decorating a handbag with bright jewels and baubles. Then on to a foot bath and facial (made of yogurt, blueberries and honey).  Then came the nail painting - fingernails and toenails.  After all of that was the pink, green and purple hair extensions.  And along with all of that was sugar.  Lots of sugar which included a chocolate fountain.  And the birthday cake.  I know I would want my spa day to be filled with quiet and relaxation.  That was not to be found with 13 little girls running amok.  But they had a ton of fun.

Grace's friend Leah.

After all of the primping the girls got their pictures taken.  After Victoria gets them developed all of the girls will have one more memory of their spa day.  I missed getting a picture of Grace, of course.

After a long day at the spa (church basement).  The family loaded up and headed to Topeka for a little relaxation for the adults.  It was Mexican food at On The Border.  Yum.
Grace with the birthday sombrero on. And a little leftover brownie on her lip.

Saturday was a busy, busy day.  Whew.

This is the fabric postcard I made for Grace's sixth birthday.  I was trying to make something that would go with her spa day party.  And the last I had heard the girls were going to decorate flip flops not bags.  Oh, well.  It turned out alright.  Just as long as you don't look too close.
One more postcard done.  Another 12 months until I have to think about the next one for her seventh birthday.

My Saturday in a nut shell.  I worked all day on Sunday but did get up early enough to do a little sewing.  I've made some progress on the borders for the mini-heart quilt.  I'll complain that they are a tad too long another time.
Enough of my weekend. Time to get back to work.

Happy sewing,


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