Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Clue #3 for the Bonnie Hunter mystery is in the done pile.  Okay, I do still need to cut the extra pieces she wanted us to cut.  Those include the black squares and neutral rectangles from clues 2 and 3.  I'll get them done.  I'm just waiting to see what the next clue is first.  If I have to cut from either the blacks or neutrals I'll just cut the extras at the same time.  And I've been busy making things that I really don't have time for.  Oh, that would be the mystery that I don't have time for.  The other things are Christmas presents.  And I'll post pictures of them later.

In the mean time here are pictures of clues #2 and #3.  I changed out the yellow fabrics for teals.  I ended up with quite a few of those after finding out my granddaughter Grace's favorite color had changed from pink to teal.

Clue #2

Clue #3
I love the way red and teal look together so I'm really looking forward to seeing if I made a good choice.  Some people around blog land have been posting pictures of how they think these pieces may fit together.  I just like to wait until Bonnie shows the actual layout.


On December 3rd I posted about my sister-in-law Lisa that was diagnosed with cervical cancer in March of this year.  Unfortunately, Lisa lost her battle against the cancer yesterday, December 16th.  She leaves behind three daughters - ages 24, 12, and 10.  Please keep those three girls in your prayers. They have had to do an awful lot of growing up in the last several months. And will do a lot more growing up together in the years to come. Pray that the oldest has the strength and patience to see that her younger sisters grow up to each be a wonderful woman like their mother was.


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