Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bonnie Hunter thank you for your yearly mystery quilts.  I really needed this one.   Once again, I'll go off in a slightly different color direction but for the first clue I'm using the constant gray and neutrals called for.

Clue #1
 Here is a picture of my constant gray.  And of a few of the neutrals I included.  I used more than 50 different neutrals.  It seems I've been amassing neutrals and didn't even know it.  Many of them came from the grab bags at Whittle's Fabrics.  It's hard for me not to get excited about getting 10 fat quarters of fabric for $12.00.  Also included are many of the neutrals that have gone into previous quilts. Now comes the long wait until the next clue comes out.  In the mean time, I'll keep working on all of the Christmas projects I've been putting off.


On another note - it's been two months since I last posted.  I wish I could say that things are going well, but they are just going.  In my last post my mom was coming home from rehab after having a stroke.  Unfortunately she was only home for a couple of weeks. She ended up back in the hospital with symptoms of mini strokes and from there went to rehab and a long term care facility.  She did talk to me the other day about the facility being a nice one.  But that she hadn't wanted to be moved there.  Well, Mom, we didn't want that either.  Life sometimes takes some really crappy turns and this year has been full of them.  They included baby Billy passing away, my DIL's mother passed away, mom's stroke, finding out SIL has terminal cancer, financial issues, questioning my faith, and issues that I wouldn't share with anyone but my mom.  This year went to hell in a hand basket months ago.

 I would say that I'm ready for this year to end and get on to the new one.  But the new year will be full of life struggles too.  Mom is steadily going down hill and needs to have many prayers that she will regain some of her strength.  My lovely, sister-in-law Lisa was diagnosed with cervical cancer this year.  Hospice has been called in to help with her needs as her cancer progresses as she is no longer able to take chemo or radiation treatments.  I pray everyday for her and her three daughters.
So am I looking forward to the new year?  NO!!!  But I do know that each day is a gift.  Each day is a chance to make memories with people we love.

As for the morning glory quilt mom was making when she had her stroke.  Well, that's at my house now.  Wish me luck on quilting and binding it in a timely manner.


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