Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, January 5, 2015

It's time to post my color version of Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion mystery quilt.  I'm quite happy with the way mine turned out.

It's pretty girly. But that's okay with me.

Grand Illusion 2014
It looks very pink in the photos and I guess it is.  But I wouldn't have described it that way until I saw these pictures.

I'm liking this one better than the last couple of mystery quilts I've made.  I suppose it's the colors.  But I also like how busy this one is.

Celtic Solstice 2013
Celtic Solstice turned out great.  I guess I never posted a picture of the finished top.  I'll have to get that done. Maybe I just like the ones with pink and purple in them?  No, that can't be, because Easy Street has a lot of purple.

Easy Street 2012
This one is Easy Street from 2012.  It is my least favorite.  My colors just didn't do the pattern justice.  And I'm not fond of all of the black and white prints in this one.

Orca Bay 2011

My Orca Bay from 2011 turned out alright.  I'll probably end up quilting it at some point.  Jennifer keeps asking for it.  We shall see.

I still need to put the borders on my Grand Illusion.  The pieces are made I just haven't had time to sew them on yet.  Maybe next weekend.  My long weekends are over so I have to get back to business as usual.  Work.

Happy Monday,



Andee said...

All of them are gorgeous!

Debra Jamison said...

I love your quilts and your color selections. For the next mystery, I plan to step out of my box and try my own color selections. I've opened a variety of others' links and they are all spectacular!
Hailing from New Mexico!

clarel said...

Great! Thanks for showing them all together.

Vireya said...

Great to see all your mysteries. I admire you for choosing your own colours right from the start. It makes them all unique.

Pat Hanna said...

WOW! I think that each of these is great!