Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, October 21, 2013

Doll Quilt

Saturday I needed a gift for my great niece Laurel's first birthday.  So Friday when I got home I went right to my extra blocks to put together some left over bow ties.  But instead I found all of this extra pink from another quilt.

After pinning the first two sections I thought of my blog and that I never write anything on it.  And that is why the center section isn't laying flat.  It was is already pinned.

After getting those sections together I didn't think it was wide enough.  So I went to my 2" square tub and grabbed some pink and neutrals to make two more strips to add to the width.  That sentence makes it sound like the container is only 2".  It's not.  But it certainly isn't large enough to hold all my extra 2" squares.

And here it is pinned and all before Wheel of Fortune was over.  It's still a little wonky.  I like things to be symmetrical. I think that's the word.  And as can be seen it is not.  The pinwheel pattern in the middle is one section short.  But those dolls are never going to get that figured out for themselves.

I did get the quilting done Friday night but waited until Saturday morning to bind it.  I think it turned out just great.  Laurel and her dolls will get a lot of use out of this for the next few years.  And if not, her mom can use it as a Valentine table topper.

Happy sewing,


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