Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Saturday, July 7, 2012


This has been an incredible year for plant growth.  It doesn't seem possible after we had such a dry winter.  But I guess since it was also a mild winter it helped along the way.  Some of the real boomers were my sister's fruit trees. And since they said I could help myself, I did.

Yesterday I picked peaches.  And it was only a pleasant 97 degrees.  Luckily the fruit was all within reach. So I had my baskets full in about 40 minutes.

Aren't they pretty.  And you might notice a few plums in one of the baskets.  The picking was the easy part.

The canning was the hard part.  Do you have any idea how slick a ripe peach is when you're trying to peel it.  SLICK.  I have since mopped the kitchen floor and wiped many surfaces down.  That from all of the peaches that shot out of my hands like rockets.  And HOT.  Wow, the air conditioning couldn't keep up with all of the boiling pots.  I don't know how I ever did this 15 years ago in a 100 year old farm house with no air conditioning.  I guess I was 15 years younger too.  But look at all of those pretty jars.  On the left is peach jam. Yum!  And on the right is peach butter.  And there is one jar already in my fridge.  And yes, it tasted great on my toast this morning.

The only bad part of all of this is...........................

There is still a basket of peaches that I have to do something with today.

Have a great day.


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