Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Saturday, August 13, 2011

B.O.M. Saturday

In my opinion it is too early on a Saturday morning to be up and thinking about quilting or blogging for that matter.  I woke up 10 minutes ago (6:55) jumped out of bed, took a few bad pictures and here I am.  Okay, I'm always up this early and usually at my sewing machine by now.  But in less than an hour I'll be headed out to Holton to pick up this months B.O.M.  These are not my colors but they are great blocks to be learning something new.  And so far so good.  My points are pretty good.  Just don't look too close at the center of the orange one.  And as seen in a previous post the one on the right had to be remade when I cut it wrong and then remade again when I was told they would ALL have the same blue background.  But that just means I'll have yet another orphan block for my pile.

The colors are meant to be the same as what are in the Kansas flag. And since Kansas is celebrating 150 of statehood this year that seems very appropriate. 

And now with absolutely no more time to waste I'm off to have a great day.  Good thing I took time to run a spell check first though.

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