Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Pink Top is Done

Here it is.  The pink top is finally done.  And I love it.  I like the variation in color depth.  This picture isn't great.  But I'll post another picture once it is quilted.  I only noticed one time where I actually got two pieces of the same fabric together and it was too late in my opinion to do anything about it.  Move one block in a quilt like this and you have to move ten.  At least it was an off white small piece so unless I tell someone it will never be seen.  And I'm not going to tell a soul.  In the picture it looks like there are two of the same darks together but they are different fabrics and up close it is easy to see the difference.

You would think I like pink with all the pink on this blog.  But it is not a color that is found in my house with the exception being the stash in my sewing room.  I might actually have to FINISH a quilt for myself that is done in pinks.  The quilt in my header picture has not been quilted yet.  Some day it might will be.

I must have been needing to add some color to my life.  I ordered new dishes and are they ever bright.  They are great.  But now I need to paint my kitchen because they clash.
You can just barely see my kitchen wall and even though it is yellowish orange, it is neither orange or yellow and does not look good with these bright colors.  There is also to be a blue set but two of the saucers had flaws and alas they had to go back for exchange.

Have a great day and happy sewing.



greg said...

I love this quilt top! I've been wanting to make one in blue and cream for awhile. I might just need to order Bonnie's book...

Jo said...

I love it! I have spent 45 minutes looking for my Blue Ridge Beauty blocks and can't find them...AGH.

Dresden Quilter said...

This is so gorgeous! Pink is my favourite colour.

AnnieO said...

Two color quilts are so striking--love all the variation you have going here. I don't have pink in my stash in any great amount and would be hard pressed to make more than a few blocks from it!

The dishes are yummy.

clarel said...

The top looks so great!! And food off the dishes tastes as good as the dishes look!

Bethany said...

It's gorgeous! I love the colors and the depth of the design. Don't even worry about any "mistakes". We won't notice them.