Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Friday, July 8, 2011

Spiky Star

We started a new block of the month in June at Quilting on the Square in Holton.  Needless to say we are due to show our proof it's done to get Julys block tomorrow.  So today is the day to get my block done.  At least I didn't wait until tomorrow morning this time.
First to be noticed is the dark blue at the bottom of the picture.  That is the original blue that was to be cut 4 1/2" wof.  Nope I cut it 4 1/4" and that was not going to make anything come out square.  So luckily I had a sort of blue kind of purple fabric in my stash which worked just fine. 
Second is that if you don't line up the pieces correctly it won't form a square when done.  So it is just a good thing that I did not assembly line sew these pieces or I would have had to rip out more than one.

Even though the picture didn't turn out very well the block turned out just fine.  However, I felt like a beginner with this one.  This block was a great learning experience.  And has led me to believe that I probably won't be doing a quilt using this pattern any time soon. 

There are only a few more hours until I see what next month's block will bring.

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