Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, May 23, 2011

Design Wall Monday May 23, 2011


   New Monday same old quilt.  But as of last night the blocks are all done.  Yippee!  I finally took the time to draw out my plan on a piece of graph paper which then let me know how many of each color I was actually going to need.  I was not even close.  Last week I had 364 blocks made.  After drawing it out I knew I needed 529.  Yes, really, that odd number of 529.  That will make it a 92" x92" top.  You can see the drawing above the blocks.  I am planning to use the upper of the two drawing plans. 
   On the back left are the few pieces I have cut out for the border blocks on Road to Brownville.  The center of the top is sewn together.  But doesn't look any different than it did last week so no new picture.

Please remember those people that were killed and injured in this weekends tornados.  The pictures above and below are what we saw when we tried to do a drive by of the damage in Reading, Kansas.  A road block turning people away while they tried to assess the damage and restore power.

The tornado all but destroyed the town of 250 people.  Here is a link to one of the local Topeka news items about the town. www.wibw.com/home/headlines/Reading_Target_Of_Serious_Storm_122400579.html Reading is about 20 miles south of where I live.  I work with several people that live there and several years ago had worked with the man that died as a result of the storm.  So you never know. 

There were numerous tornadoes on Sunday.  Especially hard hit was Joplin, Missouri where many people were killed.  Just keep all of the victims in your prayers.


Chris said...

That is a lot of blocks!!

I saw all the tornado damage on the news. So terrible.

AnnieO said...

Staggering photos of all the damage. So horrific how hard hit higher populated areas are suffering.