Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Thursday, July 29, 2010

If you like me enjoy talking about your quilts or just quilting in general, buy a t-shirt. Yes, it's that easy. On a shop hop this summer I bought a pale pink t-shirt that shows a harried woman frantically searching for some material in her stash. That shirt has brought me more joy than you could ever imagine.

Quilters young and old have stopped me and asked if I quilt, and of course, I am pleased to share that indeed I do. Last week I enjoyed a conversation with an older woman. We were standing in in a very long line waiting our turn to make our purchase, when she asked if I quilt as she pointed at my shirt. Turns out she has been quilting for most of her life. She appeared to be in her eighties and seemed quite frail. I asked if she uses a rotary cutter. "Heavens, no!" she said. She still uses her good old scissors. Just keeps them sharp. I cannot imagine doing all the work it takes to cut out a quilt with a pair of scissors. I don't care how sharp they are. She talked about quilting with passion and enthusiasm. Said she loves to start a new quilt to see how it will turn out.

I can only hope that when I'm in my eighties that I am still as enthused with quilting as she seemed to be.

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