Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Friday, September 13, 2013

I have one more seam.  No not a row.  A seam.  That is all that is left to be done to finish the r/w/b star quilt top.  That is the only seam that has been needed for almost two weeks.  Ridiculous, I know.  Anyway, one cannot have too many things going at once.  Therefore, I've started yet another quilt.  Because piecing is what I do best and like the most.

This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern. I'm pretty sure it's from her book "Scraps and Shirttails".  I don't have the book with me that's why I don't know for certain.  Anyway, I LOVE how this is looking.

I put a couple of blocks together already. I wanted to make certain that my points were going to come together without a separation between them.  Been there, done that already.

As I keep working on these I'm seeing that I like the less busy neutrals a little more than the darker busier ones.  So I think I'll try to work more of those in.  But not too many.  I don't want it to come across as too plain.

I can already tell that I do not have enough orange fabrics to suit me.  So I'll have to try to find a few more fat quarters to work into this.  This one is fun.  I love the look of string piecing.  And there is no doubt that's what this is.

But this was the highlight of last Friday.

I was invited to share breakfast at school with my granddaughter Grace.  They had a special kindergarten with grandparents day at school.  I just love her freckles.  And if you know me you know exactly where they came from.

I couldn't be more proud of Grace.  She is a sweet and thoughtful little girl with a huge heart.

Happy sewing,

Grandma Julie

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