Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, August 26, 2013

On The Wall

I haven't had much to show on a Monday for quite a while.  This morning, however, I have a little project I started last Thursday.  I'm making good progress and hope to have it done in a few days.  And by done I actually mean done.  This is going to go on top of a small cabinet I have in my office.  Anything to make the cabinet look better.

 These churn dash blocks will each measure 3" when done.  As you can see I have the sashing on each side but haven't decided yet if I want to put in different colored cornerstones or just go ahead and finish it with just the blue?  Decisions, decisions.

It was a very busy weekend.  Saturday I had the two little grand kids all day while mom, dad and big sister went to Worlds of Fun.  We had some fun too.

I don't know how Allison ended up with that little stroller on top of her but I just had to get a picture of it.  And before I could set the camera down she was out from under it and off to investigate the next thing Aiden had left out for her to "play with".

Yesterday I made cinnamon rolls. I had tried to make them once before and they did not turn out.  So they were turned out into the trash.  What a waste of time.  But the other day Judy Laquidara put a  recipe on her site for cinnamon rolls so I decided to give it another try.  And lo and behold they turned out just like I knew what I was doing all along.

That is a bowl full of beautiful dough.  I love to punch it down.  Not that I've had much opportunity to do that.  This is only my fourth or fifth attempt at making a yeast dough in umpteen years.  Lately I've been making pizza dough and now cinnamon rolls.  Is bread next?

To ice? Or not to ice? That is the question.  Okay, really no question at all.

Icing it is.  And they are good.  I took a few over to Mom's.  And this morning a few to work.  And now I've been told they taste like a really good cinnamon roll.  So I guess it's not impossible for me to make successful dough.

The most frustrating part of the weekend was once again my lawn mower.  My yard is the bane of my existence and I'm sure my neighbors too. I love grass, flower, greenery all that lovely stuff but I HATE to take care of it.  And this year I haven't.  Part of the reason my yard has gotten away from me is my mower.  Every time I go to start it - it won't.  So I borrow a battery charger wait a few hours and hope for the best.  Well for the last week "the best" hasn't happened.  So yesterday I ended up buying a new battery. And of course that was not good on my wallet.  

This is the picture I took so I could remember which side went where.  Guess what, the posts on the new battery were not on the same side so this picture didn't really help at all.  I'm glad I finally read the manual because it never would have occurred to me which one to hook up first.  But according to the manual red first black last.  Who knew?  I know, the guy who wrote the book.  Anyway, after getting over the fear of shocking the tarnation out of myself I got the battery installed and the mower started right up.  I guess replacing a battery that is probably 10 years old isn't such a bad idea.

So yes, I had a super busy weekend.  But it was fulfilling in so many ways.

Happy sewing,


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