Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Block Drive

I have been wanting to participate in the Q.O.V project.  But I never seem to get much DONE.  So I have a hard time committing to making and entire quilt for a donation when I am only finishing one or two a year as it is.  Then yesterday Judy Laquidara had a post about making blocks for Q.O.V.  Well a block is a whole lot more doable than a quilt.  Plus there are prizes.  And I seldom turn down a prize opportunity.

Here is a link to Judy's post for the block drive.  And here is a link to Alycia's original post.  Reading these gave me all the incentive I needed.  The blocks are super simple and Alycia's directions are easy to follow.  And she choose the color scheme.

So here are my first 10 blocks.

Close up view.

I already had out my blue 2" strips so all I needed to do was pull out the yellow ones and cut the 3 1/2" centers.  They went together super fast.  I think I'll make ten more of these maybe using blue in the center this time.  Then I'll hopefully get some of the string flag blocks made too.  Then I'll ship them off and let someone else worry about how to quilt them.  Done!

Happy sewing,


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Cathy said...

Your blocks may end up in a quilt someday with mine. Aren't they easy and fun? Good luck on a prize!