Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hi Cathy

My sister Cathy informed me last Saturday exactly how long it had been since I wrote a post.  Too long, I guess.  Anyway, I have a hundred excuses but none of them are any good.  My last post I said I would put pictures up of my finished baby quilt for Allison and the finished Mario Brothers quilt for Zach.  Well, it's not going to happen today.  I have been having camera troubles for one thing. I am hoping that they have worked themselves out and that I can get more pictures.  As for the Mario quilt I still have not been able to lay the whole quilt out anywhere in my house and get a decent picture.

In the mean time I'll show you what I have been doing with my leader/ender nine patches.

Here is a small portion of what I'm working on.  I had over 250 3" nine patches made which seemed like a lot at the time they were counted so I started making 4" stars.  Well, when I decided to use this setting it became very apparent that 250 is not even close.  I think it will take over 400.  In addition to the 400 plus nine patches it will take almost that many hour glass blocks too.  That will make the quilt 81" x 81".   I have not decided what if any border it will have. 

This is a close up of one of the blocks.  I decided to put this together as blocks and not just as rows.  Trying to layout all of those little 3" blocks into rows of 27 would have made me crazy.  So far I have 39 of the 9" blocks done and have made enough of the sashing blocks to figure out that this layout will work for me.  In the picture above you can see the nine patch layout and right next to it is the sashing block which only takes two hour glass and 1 nine patch units.  I like how the hour glass setting gives it a second design with a star.  That star does/will get lost in the quilt as a whole though as you can see in the top picture.  So this would be great with the blocks laid out with a solid sashing between them.  The solid sashing is just not what I want for this quilt.

This Saturday Jennifer and I will be going to our sew-along group.  I'm hoping to make some more progress on this quilt and maybe break out the Easy Street blocks from Bonnie Hunter's mystery.  I seem to have lost interest in it.  No telling why.  I like the colors and the pattern but I sure didn't hesitate to put it aside and get started on this.

Anyway.  Have a great day.  Happy sewing.


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Sue Daurio said...

great idea making them into blocks. When you said 400+ nine patches and 400+ QSTs, my head started to hurt thinking about the rows going together. That is a whole bunch of blocks and pure brilliance with the block idea!