Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I figured I better get something else posted on here before the month of January is completely over.  I have been doing some sewing just not much to show for it.  Last Tuesday my machine wouldn't stitch right so it had to go to the Janome doctor.  A day there and 75.00 later and it all seems to be better. 

The last thing I showed on here was the Mario Brothers quilt.  Guess what, it's still not finished.  But as of today it is much closer.  The top was finished in time to wrap it up and put it under the Christmas tree for son-in-law Zach.  Now he is patiently waiting for me to get it quilted.  So yesterday I put the back together and this morning I pinned it.  And this afternoon I rested. 

Lots and lots of pins and now to decide exactly how to quilt it.

This is the back.  This red/black fabric has been in my stash for several years.  Now seemed like a good time to use it.  The strip down the middle is just various widths of fabrics used to brighten up the back and make it wide enough for the queen size top without using a third length of fabric.  This still left me with at least four more yards of this red.  It must have been a really good sale for me to buy that much.  Quite a few of the fabrics in the scrappy strip came from a box of trash. Yes, trash.  I walked into one of the near by quilt shops and noticed some wide strips of fabric in the trash.  I offered to buy their trash but they insisted I take that and another bag they had in the back.  From that I gleaned quite a treasure trove of scraps.  Since I wash all of my fabrics before using them it has been a bit of a challenge to get them washed, dried, trimmed and pressed.  I have been using a garment bag to wash them in but it still produces a lot of frayed edges.  I would have to say it has been well worth it in the end to get some new fabrics in my collection.   Oh, and what I didn't use of the fabrics I'll give to someone else who really does want the little pieces to use in dog beds.  So none of it will actually end up in a dumpster.

In the mean time I have been using scrappy 4" stars as my leader/ender project.  I keep trying to end up with a small table topper for the hope chest that I use as a coffee table and this one finally worked out.

This top measures 15" x 38".

Here is a close up.  There are some of my trash scraps in here too.  The sashing is 1/2" wide.

I'm looking forward to getting some quilting in and get started on a baby quilt.  I have a granddaughter due any day now and she needs a quilt.

Happy sewing,


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