Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


These are the blocks for this week.  I impatiently waited for 8 hours today at work to get home to make these.  The block on the top right and the bottom two blocks are what Randy posted today.  The top left was a mistake that I made on an earlier block.  It just so happened that it went together perfectly for another 6" block.  Be sure to click on the picture to get a close up of the fabrics.  I actually bought some more neutrals last week.  I have done really well at using what I already have but this quilt just deserved something NEW. 

I have been doing quite a bit of sewing.  I just haven't been posting anything lately. 

Last Thursday I cut out the blocks to make a Mario Bros. quilt for my son-in-law Zach.  I did have to buy a flesh/peach color for his face but the rest of the fabric came from my stash. 

The color is not right in this picture.  His face is not yellow.  It's actually almost too peachy.  The fabrics are all pretty dark.  The top nine rows are sewn together. The bottom nine are sewn in rows but not together.  This is the way it looked on Sunday morning.  Right now it is folded up and on the Christmas list since I missed Zach's birthday.  Hopefully, I'll get back to it soon and get the top done.  The pattern came from a google search that directed me to Cutting Table Blog where there is a free pattern.  I cut my blocks 4 1/2".  They could actually be done in any size.  I was going for a lap size but ended up with it too big.  Oh, well.

Now off to make some dinner.


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Kristie said...

I just love your Mario quilt! That is going to be so cute!

Love your blocks! I really need to get mine back out soon and get working on them.