Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Monday, January 9, 2012

On The Wall

Well, I'm still working on Orca Bay and it looks done from this angle but it still needs the border put on. There will be time for that this week.  I love the way the yellow/orange turned out with the blue.  Not too much of any one color to overwhelm the other.  However, I must say that I love the red versions too. This may be one time that I might be a little disappointed that I veered from the original version that used red.

                                    Here is a close up of a couple of the blocks. 

I plan to have the top done by this coming Saturday. I hope to take it to show and tell at the LQS in Holton. This is another one of Bonnie's quilts with a big "Wow Factor" so I do expect a few ohhh's and ahhh's.

There was no sewing for me on Sunday.  We had a birthday party for my mother. She turns 81 today. Not everyone was able to make it but we turned it into a great day of food and card games anyway.  Happy Birthday Mom!

In the midst of her presents I was given one of my own.  I had asked for a mailbox for Christmas and was given a terrific white one.  I know, it's a weird present to ask for. But it beats a toaster every time.  Unless, of course you need a toaster. Anyway, back to the mailbox.  My white box turned into a work of art.  DS Jesse and DIL Victoria decided to take pictures of quilts and put them on the box.  Then it occurred to them to use pictures of quilts I have given to them and put them on the box.  So here are pictures of each side of my new mailbox.
This is the side that will show the most. 
Starting from the top left:
Bugs in a Snowball - 2008
Pinwheel Daisies - 2008?
Angels for Grace - 2008
Pinwheel Daisies alternate block.
Bottom row:
Churn Dash - maker unknown
Christmas Trees 2011
Pinwheel - maker unknown
Blue Sampler - 2007?
This side will be next to another mailbox so it won't be very visible.    Top row: 
First three blocks - maker unknown
Blue Sampler - 2007
Angels for Grace - 2008
Christmas Trees alternate block - 2011
Blue Sampler - 2007
Random block - maker unknown.

Thanks to whoever made all of those random blocks. They helped turn my new mailbox in to one of the most unique mailboxes in town.  And a huge thank you to Jesse and Victoria for making such a fun project.

Be sure to visit all of the great design walls at Patchwork Times and to see the Orca Bay updates at Quiltville .

Have a great day.



Julia said...

Your Orca Bay is beautiful with the yellow exchanged for the red. And the blue makes a wonderful accent color. ... Love your new unique mailbox. What a great idea.

Connie said...

I love the colors in your Orca Bay and putting on the borders make such a change! Your mailbox is too cute!

Paula TheQuilter said...

I lovelovelove that mailbox! OB is looking good too. I did not participate in the mystery but have been looking at everyone's progress.

Judy D in WA said...

LOVE the yellow! I love that so many were brave and ventured from Bonnie's colors. I am a coward. :)
That mailbox is fabulous! What a great idea!

The Twilight Quilters Coven said...

Awesome Orca Bay! I love your version!!

Barb said...

Your quilt is fabulous and that mailbox is the end all...just wonderful!

Candace said...

That mailbox is too Cute! However did they get the photos onto the box?
I have been cruising the DWM posts from Judy L's site and seeing alot of OB. I must say you ladies are really putting out some great color combos!

julieQ said...

HI Julie Kaye...I am Julie K! I too am working on the Quiltville mystery...love your colors!