Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Friday, June 3, 2011

Blow Out !!!

This afternoon when I was driving on Hwy 75, doing 75 (MPH!), passing a car (bet it scared the tarnation out of them too) and oh, yeah eating a hamburger from Spangles my tire decided to give a huge pop and blow out on me.  That was fun. NOT.  Wow, I'm not sure when I have been that scared and yes, it all happened so fast.  I did see as I was fish tailing to the center of the road that my car so nicely informed me that my tire was low.  I didn't even know it would tell me that.  Hopefully, I never see that again.

Here is what the highway looked like as all the cars kept driving by.  I was surprised that some of them didn't give a little wave.  Seriously, it was probably safer that no one did stop.  That highway was busy.  In my boredom I decided to count vehicles.  In 5, yes, five minutes fifty vehicles passed by my car.  So that means that in the 45 minutes I sat there hundreds of cars went by.  I just hope that one or two of them called in a disabled vehicle.  I would have and have done so in the past.
I can say that I was one happy girl to see this truck pull up in my rear view mirror.  And his lights sure did the trick of moving people out of the lane next to me.

It took him less time to change that tire than it did for me to get pulled back out on the highway.  I didn't tell him I was taking pictures so I didn't show his face for that reason.  What a brave person to do what he does everyday.  Guess I'm feeling a little sappy right now. 

This is not a very good picture of the culprit. But I am certain that a football would have fit right through that hole with room to spare.
I'm just grateful to the Kansas Highway Patrol and the state for having people that drive up and down the highway answering calls to do stuff like fix tires.
All that and I didn't drop my hamburger.  I didn't finish eating it either.

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