Happy to be Scrappy

Happy to be Scrappy

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Peaceful Thoughts

I just needed a minute where I could have one or two peaceful thoughts today.  Yep, been one of those days. So I started going through old pictures on my computer and got what I was looking for. Nice, serene pictures and good memories.

The pictures above and just below were taken at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. They are both of Chihuly glass sculptures that we saw when we went to St. Louis on vacation a few years ago.  Daughter Jennifer studied glass blowing in college (yes, there is a degree for that).  So when we heard there was to be a Chihuly show we loaded up and headed East.  It was not disappointing.  The best part was the trip with the family.  So this qualifies as a peaceful thought.

And the little fellow below, Jennifer and I saw on a trip out West. He entertained us at Bryce Canyon in Utah.  These were all around while I was growing up in Arizona. But we don't have them in Kansas. At least not in our part of Kansas.  Chipmunks always bring a smile to my face. Unless the are singing in a cartoon voice.

Time to go back to work. 

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